Things you shouldn’t do at the carwash…

Hello Poutlings.

So here I am, sitting at the car wash, enjoying my lovely cappuccino with hazelnut syrup…

Note… Contents hot… Like me… Hahaha….

Observing the people…. To my left, a very young couple, to my right, 2 guys…
Well, as observant as I like to be, and as a quote or note to young people in love, for goodness sake guys, stop eating other in public. The odd 30 minutes it takes to have your car cleaned will not make your better half disappear. There really is no need to be hanging onto each other, or for your lips to be locked in some way that it looks like you are in need of some medical attention … And for goodness sake, love bites in public? How immature can you be?


Try to be civilized for a bit and stop making people disgusted in the way you act.

As for the 2 guys… One of which is a “wannabe” photographer who quote: just takes pictures of chicks for Facebook and because he gets paid for it unquote… Be careful what you say in public…


And phulease don’t discuss who you slept with…. *shivers*

Anyhow this my little rant for today…


Love & light


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8 responses to “Things you shouldn’t do at the carwash…

  1. Agree with you. Showing affection is sweet, but sucking face ain’t. Men or women talking about their sex life sommer net so are people who don’t value the whole act of it through a special relationship. Seems like you were entertained! Looking forward to your next car wash soap opera episode. Xx

  2. Lady_HellFire

    hahaha very well said Sandy, think this should become a monthly thing? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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