South Africa, Shit Service is Not Acceptable

Hell hath no fury like a Fi scorned.

It seems to be happening ALL to often to me lately, and seriously, I cannot understand how big corporate companies can get away with acting like douche bags and leaving the customer, or in this case, myself in the dark.

If its not one “service provider” its another, and I’m actually getting fed up. I know, its South Africa, shit service doesn’t bother people as much as it bothers me. My reason for being upset is simply this: I paid you for a service, you are not delivering said service to me, how is it ethical for you to take my money (and constantly take it from me on monthly basis) without you at least answering my question. This relates to a few different industries currently and is not aimed specifically at one. I am at my wits end at the moment.

I think you’re lucky if you haven’t ever experienced an hour long phone call with a customer service representative only to experience a dropped call; being transferred and cut off; being told “eish, email this person“; being bounced from department to department when you finally cannot take that stupid interlude tone; and you are just as, if not more, in the dark about your query that started in the first place.

Just think about it, if you are a freelance photographer, or a freelance makeup artist, you get paid for your services, you give a product/service back in return. Just imagine how you would get taken to the cleaners if you bounced your clients around from left to right, in order to get their images, or go and do their makeup? I am aware that this happens, however, I am talking about real professionals not fly-by-night “pro togs” or “pro MUAs”. One thing is for certain, if you don’t deliver, as a freelancer, you do not get paid the full amount, quite simple. Effective.

However, when one is dealing with big corporate companies, the left pinky has no idea what the right earlobe is up to and vice versa, then they bring in the call center which is just the big toe nail of the entire endeavour and it simply drives the consumer nuts. Today, right now, that consumer is me.

How can you actively retaliate bad service? On a serious note: The Consumer Protection Act was brought in order to assist the customer on the street have their rights protected. I won’t go into much detail on the CPA, unless anyone is actually interested, as I’ve studied in quite in depth and I’m writing an exam on it next month… *squeal of terror*.

Yes, everyone’s answer is now, “oh put it on their Facebook page”, “Tweet about it”, blah blah blah, all those social media ways of communicating have an option to delete the posts they really don’t want the public to see anyway, and to be quite honest, I do not want to have to resort to be THAT person (apologies if you are, I just prefer a more direct approach and solution). While doing some research on the CPA, after a horrendous hour and a half phone call to a certain SHIT company, who I will be reporting to the CPA 🙂 – I happened to come across these images, which are both sad – for the person doing the retaliation and entertaining that they would go to such lengths in order to make their unhappiness towards said company/product/service known to the general public.

A Reddit User created a negative press campaign after he claimed the dealership conned him out of $9,000.00

A Reddit User created a negative press campaign after he claimed the dealership conned him out of $9,000.00

According to a study by Accenture, 55 eprcent of consumers say bad service from an insurance company will make them more likely to commit fraud against an insurance company.

According to a study by Accenture, 55 percent of consumers say bad service from an insurance company will make them more likely to commit fraud against an insurance company.

Dave Carroll, was travelling with his band members is 2008 and witnessed United Airlines handlers throwing his $3,500 Taylor guitar. The guitar obviously ended up severely damaged and he pursued the airline for payment, which he was denied. As a result he wrote and produced three YouTube music videos about his shit experience, he has since written a book and embarked on a tour and created his own customer complaint site.

Yes, this post had absolutely no sparkles, no glitter, no makeup, no gossip or no beauty but you know what? It was informative, kind of, not really, but anyway, at least you know what I’ve been doing today. Let’s just say, I am not quite at the point of producing my own YouTube music videos, but I felt like it earlier.

Happy thoughts…. and breathe!

x missfitz

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