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As most of you will remember I did a post on OFRA Cosmetic’s not to long ago

to refresh your memory here is the Link:

So as much as I was inlove with this brand when i did this post I AM still just as inlove, if not even more.

OFFRA has added some new, amazing products to their range,

I’m sure you are all dying to find out more about them, so here goes.

Corrector Tri-pot in Ethnic colors

ETHNIC_TRIPOT“Specialized products used to soften discolorations, cover blemishes and hide imperfections. It is lightweight, non-drying and compatible with all skin types. Provides excellent coverage to all parts of face and body with no irritants.   Especially suitable for under the eye area, giving great coverage for dark rings, or covering red patches, couperose, spider veins, pigmentation, acne or birth marks”

Why using a Corrector is important:

If you are anything like me when it comes to makeup, you too are a little bit OCD about tiny imperfections on your skin and therefore corrector is your best friend, This baby not only helps you be “photo ready” but also hides all those tiny blemishes you don’t want showing, this is definitely one of my favorite products, especially when doing makeup on brides for their special day.

Eye Shadow in Gold Rush and Envious 

“Ofra Cosmetics eye shadow is a pressed powder with strong pigment for that long lasting effect. The eye shadow can be applied with an eye-shadow brush wet or dry. Contains natural sun filters and comes in a selection of earthly natural colours, matte and shimmer suitable for all skin types”



Eye Shadow use

Most of the time when doing my own make-up I absolutely love doing a natural look but with a slight twist to brow attention certain areas of my eye that i think deserves it 😉

And what better way then to create a natural “Smokey eye” but playing around with your wing color and how amazingly awesome do these two new colors from OFRA go together


Eye Liner in Ever Green 

“Ofra Cosmetics Eye Liner Pencils are high quality, easy to sharpen and fabulous to apply. These water resistant pencils are suitable for the most sensitive eyes. Created with beeswax for an unbelievably smooth, soft and long lasting application”


Being a makeup artist as well as someone within the “Alternative scene” I am a complete eyeliner Whore ,



I don’t always have time to do a full face make-up but I definitely cannot leave the house without my eyeliner and Mascara, we all love the black eyeliner look but not all of us wear it well (Sad but true) but YAY for us because OFRA has eyeliner in AMAZING colors, and as read above the newest to the list is their Ever Green pencil,

With eyeliner adding that mysterious look to any eye how about trying out something different then the normal brown and black, be bold and go green (see what i did there 😉 ) Everyone will be envious of the way you wear  your liner and n better time to tone it down a bit during the winter months.

You can never have eyeliner without Mascara as I mentioned i never leave the house without either and what better way to finish off the perfect envious OFRA winter look than with the new OFRA  Keratin Mascara.

Whats not to love about this product, not only is it suitable for the most sensitive eyes but it ALSO contains Keratin to help thicken, Lengthen and curl the lashes, come on this is every woman’s dream when it comes to Mascara, who doesn’t want longer more amazing lashes?

“This will be the best mascara you have every used. OFRA’s exclusive brush technology and consistency enables fantastic application. OFRA Mascaras are water resistance, non-flaking, safe for contact lens wearers and contains the natural sun filter Titanium Dioxide”



Lipsticks in Electric Blue, Fuchsia and Purple Haze 

“Ofra Cosmetics lipsticks, are hypoallergenic and contain moisturizing ingredients and are very soft to apply.
They are long lasting and consist of Lanolin Oil, Castor Oil and Caprylic-capric Trigliceride which gives the moisturizing properties to this amazing product. Titanium Dioxide gives a natural sun filter by reflecting the sun’s rays.
The Aloe Vera in the lipsticks, soothes calms and heals the lips, whilst the Vitamin E assists with regeneration of cells, healing and sun protection. For a longer lasting effect, add our brilliant lip sealer”


No one can tell me they aren’t as in love with this brand as I am, seriously whats not to love? Not only are they cruelty free but they have amazing products and also take your skin well being into consideration.

Now go on and get your hand on the New OFRA products, be bold and add some color to your dull winter!

Please share your OFRA look with us once you’ve tried them out!

OFRA on Facebook

OFRA on the web

OFRA on Twitter: @OFRACosmeticsSA

Mad love



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