Jennifer Aniston in a Whole New Light

Hiya Poutlings!

Jennifer Aniston strips down to her bra and knickers in the trailer for her upcoming film “We’re the Millers”…. didn’t we already see her bare backside in “The Break Up?”… so much for that girl next door image she generally always portrays in films.

jennifer aniston

This role shows Jennifer in a new light as she swears her way through the scenes and does a strip tease! Anyway, on an unrelated note: I can’t look at Jennifer Aniston without thinking of her as Rachel, but for being 44 years of age, she has a BANGING body. Wow. Props to her.

Without further ado, here is the trailer..

…but in case you can’t watch it – Jennifer plays a stripper who is hired along with 2 kids to help with a drug delivery of marijuana over the US/Mexico border. The trailer also features Jason Sudeikis, right at home with his comedic timing and raunchy laughs, Emma Roberts isn’t someone who I think of as a comedy star, but she doesn’t have enough screen time in the trailer to convince you otherwise.

This looks like it couldn’t be an okay film to watch… I’ll definitely watch it and be sure to let you know once it’s out.

x missfitz

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