Miley Cyrus’ Interesting New Single

Hiya Poutlings

Miley Cyrus, who has been on a huge “I’m a grown up now guys!“; “get-me-off-the-Disney-child-star train“; and let’s not forget…. “look I’m a big girl, I don’t need to wear panties anymore!” has released her new single yesterday On Air with Ryan Secrest, telling him:

“Everyone always judges and says what they want, but my fans… have really stood by me no matter what I’ve been through… and this is a song that says where I’m at in my life right now.”

Listen to the single right here:

It’s mediocrely named “We Can’t Stop”. It sounds very Britney Spears circa 2001, think I’m a Slave 4 U era. The lyrics just make me laugh, she sounds like she’s got something to prove something “shaking it like we at a strip club”  – REALLY, you cannot be more cryptic than that? ….and “trying to get a line in the bathroom“… oh what a great example you’re showing all your fans that have stood by you and bought your various lines for you in the past.  I just don’t buy it. She may very well be living this rock star lifestyle, but just no Miley, no. It’s not classy, it’s not grown up, it’s certainly not rockstar cool and well it’s just trashy.

The rest of her new album which is due for release later this year she has collaborating with Pharrell, Future, Dr. Luke and This is going to get even more interesting!

What are your thoughts on this?

x missfitz

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