Car wash soap opera – Episode 2

Hello Pretty Poutlings

I hope you are all doing just dandy.

Well it’s time again for another lesson in “What NOT to do at the car wash” so let’s start…

1. Pimple Poppers
Now my sweethearts, everyone knows you shouldn’t be popping your pimples. Not yours… Nor anyone else’s. I know sometimes you can’t resist it, but at least wait till you’re at home, alone, before you start popping.

As for the couple in the car behind me… Sweety… You might have tinted windows but it still does not mean you can sit there popping the pimples on your boyfriends neck and face… Or maybe… Ar you taking your chance to do it now because he can’t get away from you?


2. Booger Picking
Here we go again, having tinted windows, does not mean you are invisible. Keep your fingers out of your nose. Yes you might think it’s ok to do it, it probably is in the privacy of your own home, but not in your car. I see a lot of people doing it these days.

Oh yes, hunni, I can also promise you, boogers surely have no nutritional value whatsoever. DO NOT EAT YOUR BOOGERS!


Well that’s all I have for you today as the car wash is rather quiet, guess everyone is hiding away from the cold.

Remember to keep warm this winter and load op on those vitamins!


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