I know for a fact men are looking after their looks these days, more so than before. Men are making use of hair salons, massages, wax salons, manicures and pedicures, fashion, accessories etc as forms of styling themselves. (Peacocking syndrome)

Why not take it a step further? I recently came across ALPHA NAILS. A nail polish specially made for men. And no, not ‘girly’ men, but tough men! On their website they’ve explained that this polish is not only for aesthetic purposes, but it can also keep mens nails strong and healthy. It’s an added strength to the nail and prevents chipping. Which I’m sure is needed when one is rocking and rolling, boxing, cage fighting or even putting out fires.(Plus you can get wipes of the nail varnish remover, which adds to the manliness, instead of those embarrassing white poofy cotton wool balls.)

alpha nails nick

alpha roger



alphanails huffington


alphanails toes huffington

Have a look at their WEBSITE (click on link below) and have a in depth look into the whole idea of MALE NAIL POLISH.

Alphanail | Nail Polish for Men and Fighters

I guess with guys like Roger Huerta, Dave Navarro, Nick  Gonzalez, Chuck Liddell and Chris Leben sporting ALPHA NAILS, they must be onto something.

If you’re a male reader, please comment and let us know if you dig this or not. And as for our lovely female readers, would you like to see your manly man sporting colored nails with names like SMOKE, CONCRETE, COCAINE, PIRATE GOLD, GASOLINE and BURNIN’ RUBBER?




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  1. Noooooooo! The only guys allowed to wear polish, are rockers. Full stop.

  2. Lol a little in two minds about this

  3. Realllyyyyyy???? Scary! Wouldn’t date a guy with nail polish…

  4. haha some things are better left alone, this is one of them!

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