#ZOETLIEF LEIN #DUNCAN YARD #HATFIELD – place to pay a visit!


Good morning gorgeous people!

Hope you’re doing well!

Last Thursday my bestie and I spent some quality time together at DUNCAN YARD. If you’re in Pretoria, and you haven’t visited DUNCAN YARD, you’re missing out. This ‘hidden gem’ is in Hatfield Brooklyn area. So many gorgeous stores to visit and let’s not forget, there is DELI ON DUNCAN, where we had yummy lunch.


Sandra’s mini bobotie.


My mini veggie and mint pie.


Salad in a jar!

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<a(Chocolate available at DELI ON DUNCAN)

We then strolled around and walked into a tiny corner shop called ZOETLIEF LEIN. The cutest little things with a South African twist. A store that brought back many memories from our childhood. Sandra immediately remembered playing with finger puppets that they had for sale there. Plus I got spoiled, Sandra bought me zip earrings!






Aren’t they gorgeous? I love them…

The reason why you should visit ZOETLIEF is because they’re not just a typical store, the products are made by people with disabilities. ALL item are also recycled. Zoetlief Lein is the product of Employment Solutions (www.disabilityemployment.co.za) an organisation that skill and employ people living with disabilities. All the profits go straight to those people with disabilities making the products, but they don’t want to be seen as a charity, but rather as a workshop. How could you not want to support such an organization?



Corner of Jan Shoba(Duncan) str & Prospect str
Hatfield, Pretoria
GPS coordinates
25° 45′ 4.25″ S
28° 14′ 24.47″ E

Click on this link to find out more about the stores. DELI ON DUNCAN

What you waiting for? Go have an amazing time in the centre of a Hatfield without the feeling of being in the city.



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3 responses to “#ZOETLIEF LEIN #DUNCAN YARD #HATFIELD – place to pay a visit!

  1. love your cute earrings! They are so different!

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