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If you haven’t read my previous post on M2BEAUTE LASH SERUM review, please check it out here:



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I started with this lash serum treatment on the 1st of June 2013. I applied the serum on religiously as instructed. Every night, after washing all my makeup off.

I must say, after looking at the pictures I can definitely see a difference. My lashes look longer and fuller. So I’m very happy. I’m sorry if the photos came out a little unclear, but that is due to cropping. Even so, it’s quite obvious that my lashes look longer.

I love having long lashes. If you know me personally, you know that I love to use falsies. I even maintained eyelash extensions for about two years. But having extensions is a big job and quite frankly, one can’t always go to fill them for about an hour and a half every few weeks. They are a great idea if you’re not a heavy wearer of makeup, but I LOVE using a lot of eye makeup and all that can ruin the extensions.

The great thing about falsies, is that it’s so quick to put on. You can buy different styles for different looks. But I often wonder, how good is the glue for me? I apply it on daily. How good can that actually be?

So ultimately, buying a great lash growth serum would be the way to go. Keeps the lash line healthy, especially with all the falsies I apply on a daily basis.

  • M2Beaute is sold exclusively in Harrods. But is now being introduced into the South African market.
  • It’s super easy to use, as all it takes is one sweep over each lash line every night before bedtime.
  • It doesn’t sting, nor does it have any odor.
  • It’s not cheap, retailing at about R1395,00 it’s definitely a luxury product. But that’s when you know it WORKS.
  • The longer you use it, the better the results.
  • Awarded the most innovative new product in 2011 by Vogue.
  • 5ml lasts about 6 months.



M2 Lashes – A Present for Your Lashes! | Peachy Amourjessrosexx.blogspot.com

M2 Beaute Brand Shop | Harrodswww.harrods.com


For more info contact:



M2beaute South Africa (FACEBOOK)

Cape Town7130 Cape Town, Western Cape

I will keep on using it until it finishes and take more pictures to see how much more my lashes have grown. Would I recommend you spend R1395,oo on this product? Yes, considering how long it lasts and also how much 5ml can take you. One session for eyelash extensions can cost almost as much. Plus you waste time laying there just to maintain it. M2Beaute M2Lashes is quick and easy!

Like them on Facebook as I read they’re looking for agents!

MuchLuv, BeBlessed


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  1. might have to invest in some…
    by the way, I love the second black and white pic from the top your eyes look so naughty! hehehe CUUUUTE!

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