Edgars is Taking Over The Retail World, 3 Hot Brands at a Time!

Last week Edgars announced that they are taking over the world of retail stores (as if they haven’t already), they released a statement that they have gained a majority shareholding in Accessorize, La Senza and Inglot.


This means a few things for the South African retailer; the die hard Edgars fans who use the store as one stop shop have more options within the store and the credit mongrels will be eventually able to purchase items offered by Accessorize, La Senza and Inglot on credit… It’s a great opportunity for people who residing outside of major access of these stand-alone stores to shop and experience the brands.


I was under the impression that Edgars had a major shareholding in Accessorize already – as the Edgars I go into all stock Accessorize products and have their own little sections, however they always had limited Accessorize goodies compared to the actual stand alone shops. So, hopefully they now get more in store.


La Senza to me is meh, its a fancy underwear shop… More options when it comes to underwear becomes very confusing for me, but yay for the knicker-shopper lovers!


Inglot is possibly the most interesting acquisition of these three, I presumed that Woolworths would have had shares as the brand is available in some Woolworths departments – will be interested to see what happens to those. Let’s hope that they cater for the pro-discounts like MAC does within the Edgars stores. Cross fingers, toes and anything else that they can!!

The CEO of Edcon, Jurgen Schreiber said in the press statement:

“We are careful in selecting brands that, based on our understanding and experience, are complementary to our own well-loved brands,”

Well done Edcon, here’s to bigger and better brands.

Excited? Not Interested? Meh?

x flea143

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One response to “Edgars is Taking Over The Retail World, 3 Hot Brands at a Time!

  1. Lady_HellFire

    Can’t do Inglot and MAC together, Not an Edgars fan 😛

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