Clere Radiance

A few weeks ago I was privileged to be invited to the launch of a brand new South African skin care product from an already a well known house brand for their affordable and readily available hand and body cream ranges. Clere have launched another alternative for the South African consumer, when it comes to skincare, Clere Radiance. Rolling out to retailers from 1 October 2013.

The main difference from the various competitors? Each item in the Radiance range boasts a unique attribute, they all have 3 purposes, which offer women softer more beautiful even tone skin. The “secret” ingredient, so to speak is the specially formulated Super Fruit Serum which is an anti-oxidant.  Anti-oxidants prohibit free-radicals which are linked to the source of inflammation and premature ageing. Super Fruit serum also leaves the products with a very light and beautiful smell. Each item in the range can be used individually or in combination with one another which means that if you are unsure about the range – BUY one product and try it, without having to use all products simultaneously. Once you start seeing results, which are easy to see you will want to try more in the range.

Choose your first product by selecting a 3-in-1 step which targets your specific skin problems. The basics of each product are as follows:

Clere Radiance Oil Control Beauty Bar

100g. R9.99

A bar of soap for facial cleansing to clean any excess sebum, remove impurities and leaves the skin feeling soothed with a matte appearance.

Clere Radiance Oil Control Toner

CR-Skincare 100ml Toner Carton

100ml. R14.99

A toner which cleanses the skin of impurities, whilst toning and a matt even tone appearance.

Clere Radiance Oil Control Vanishing Cream

50ml. R19.99

Two options in the range with one for Normal to Oily Skin and the other for Oily to very oily skin, the cream is applied to a cleansed face and keeps oil under wraps for up to 12 hours while nourishing the skin with Vitamin E and leaving the face with an even tone.

Clere Radiance Even Tone Complexion Cream

CR-Even Tone Tube Carton

50ml. R25.99

To be used on cleansed and/or toned skin the cream keeps controls oil while reducing any dark spots and marks for even skin tone. The added bonus is that this product also protects your skin with SPF 15 sun protection.

Vanessa Marawa

The products have impressed the stunning Vanessa Marawa, winner of Survivor South Africa 2006 and radio presenter of Vuma FM and she is now the FACE of Clere Radiance – does she not have the most amazing skin?

Keep a look out for the products in a supermarket near you and let Clere Radiance – the local, easy and affordable way to let your inner beauty shine through.

Join Clere Radiance on Facebook  and Twitter here.

Thank you Clere for the education on your new products and samples and my beautiful orchid!


x flea143


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11 responses to “Clere Radiance

  1. Nosipho

    Hi Please note the correct Facebook url for Clere Radiance which is and our twitter handle is @clereradiance.


  2. Kiba

    Can you use the Clere radiance cream on dry skin?

  3. hellen

    Hi there I’m using this product fr about two weeks ago wat I can say it seems does help me on reducing my dark spots. Am using the toner nd the even tone cream but my problm the toner it keeps my skin so dry its possible to leav the toner use only the cream or u hav sumthng to help me. PLEASE I NEED UR HELP

    • Hi there Hellen, I believe you can use the products individually if you require. I don’t think you have to use them all together, try leaving the toner out of your skin care routine and see how you get on….
      Please keep me updated!
      @flea143 xx

  4. Nombuso Ndala

    Hi i have been using clere for about three weeks and my skin looks beautiful. It is not as oily as it used to be. i have acne scars. what can i use to remove them. Please help

  5. Bandla Rangana

    My name is Bandla and I live in Witbank. I recently tried out a free sample of a Clere radiance complexion cream- normal to dry skin that I found on this month’s copy of TrueLove magazine. I used it for four days and I saw a huge difference on my face. My skin became softer and the blemishes on my face were starting to disappear. The sad part is that I have looked at every store that I can think of but I can only find the one for only skin. Please tell me where I can find this amazing product?

  6. I have been using Clere radiance bar soap .toner and complexion cream for 5 days now and I can see the results. My dark marks start fade , my skin start even and the smell is just so nice.amazing products. I am looking forward to get the BB cream.Thanks

  7. Pumpkin

    hi I have used clere radiance bar and cream for 3weeks now buh my skin keeps getting pimples daily. I used to have pimples when I was a teenager but they vanished for 6 years now with a baby face but when I started using clere they appeared, worse as ever, why is that???

  8. aida

    is it only available in south africa?
    my husband is in germany and I want him to get me some when he’s coming down
    will that be possible

  9. Sarah

    I did not find this product helpful for my skin. It caused terrible breakouts and those breakouts left me with alot of marks.

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