Going Topless for Breast Cancer : What’s the Point?

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month I have to have my two cents on the people of the internet going Topless for Breast Cancer in order to raise awareness for the horrifying disease. I have a few problems with this as breast cancer does not look like someone in perfect health clutching their implants with a smirk trying to look sexy. Breast cancer really is something a lot more horrifying to contend with than girls on the internet looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

This is not breast cancer

Images similar to this is  not breast cancer

With occasionally being involved in the industry within South Africa you come across and work with many aspiring models and they always translate to being on all your social networks. This is where I’ve seen the craze of posing “nudey” pictures without actually thinking. With captions and comments saying things along the lines of “I’m topless for Breast Cancer Awareness”, “God Bless the sufferers of this terrible disease” and “Breast Cancer Awareness”. It just does not make sense to me.

It’s not been such a huge hit this year as it has been previously but I have still seen the above posed a minimum of 10 times in the past days of October. I think it may have toned down due to the fact people have actually started thinking about what they are doing and that it’s possibly more of a slap in the face to the actual sufferers and survivors of breast cancer by waving your tits around online. Sort of saying – “look at mine – they are ok“.

That being said, one can argue the same thing about Movember which is coming up soon in November where the lads all grow their moustaches, but a lot of them actually jump on the causes bandwagon – they register, get sponsored for the progress of their ‘mo’ and then proceed to track the growth online, whereas this going topless thing, there are not really any charities involved and no one is really benefiting from this apart from the person in the picture becoming ANOTHER girl with provocative pictures online.

It may come across with a cynical tone but surely if you are really looking to raise awareness there are a lot better ways of going about it. Donating money towards charities for either the hospice – for those that are suffering or to the research for breast cancer or even volunteering with groups of sufferers and family sufferers, there are plenty of organisations both locally and worldwide which help those in need. That is the type of thing that does not need to be shouted about online in a public forum, but it should be more so than simply posing images of your half naked self.

Model Rebecca Romijn has created a comedy skit with FunnyorDie, how ironic, for Breast Cancer Awareness – I assume in honour of it being the month of October, if you haven’t seen it – you can watch it here:

This is possibly a more light hearted view than what I have been saying above but I still think these things need to be approached with caution. Just because healthy breasts are considered to be sexy does not make this disease a sexy one. If you been on a turbulent journey of breast cancer with someone you know then it’s very hard to find any part of this disease sexy or funny… I understand in the long run that rather having people talking about it is better than not but there are better ways to portray the information to get people talking. Comedy on the other hand is good at making people feel a bit more light-hearted about any situation depending on your life views and beliefs.

 Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

x flea143

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