My new BFF…

Hi Poutlings…

I trust all is well and everyone is enjoying the Sunny South African weather that is upon us? 🙂

With that being said and in light of the post or image posted on facebook, I Would like to share my latest obsession with you all.

I’m not exactly sure what its called but know the branding is Full Circle, so lets stick to that for now.

What is this full Circle thing i speak of?

Well it’s my new Best Friend in Hydrating… Full Circle Wherever Lemon Water On the Go Glass, Water-Bottle.


Firstly why i Absolutely LOVE this, Is because it is Glass, I am one of those very extremely fussy people that does not under any circumstances drink from a Plastic water bottle because they always end up smelling and tasting really Bad. The Full Circle bottle is made of Soda lime glass – the same material used in making wine bottles and other food storage containers.

Why Glass??

Glass is clearly a better choice for a water bottle. Plastic bottles can leach chemicals (Including BPA), Glass does not.

Plastic bottles are porous and can harbor bacteria- Glass does not.

Plastic bottles typical end up in landfills when their useful life is over, Glass is infinitely recyclable and reusable and therefore much better for the environment!

This Bottle is designed to minimize direct impact on glass if dropped.


Now for the fun part of this amazingly awesome bottle! 😀

Use the Built-in reamer to squeeze half a lemon in water, continue refilling with water all day for a fresh healthy beverage wherever you go!
Yes i said Built-in Reamer, why is this so amazingly awesome?

Because not everyone can drink the recommended amount of water to stay hydrated and therefore it is replaced with coffee, tea, soda and sugary beverages.

With this bottle you can add some creativity and flavor to your water to add to your water intake.

And yes it REALLY does help, I have gone from Minimum 5 cups of coffee a day to at least 2 and a half liters of water and loving it!!! 😀

Lemon, apple and Fresh Mint

Lemon, Apple and Fresh Mint

I have really been enjoying my fresh mint, Apple and Lemon water as well as just Lemon water.

How can Lemon be so good for you?

Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Riboflavin, and it’s packed with minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium that do wonders for your body. Bottled lemon juice, or pre-mixed drinks, just won’t give you the benefits of freshly squeezed lemon juice. And the built-in reamer keeps the pesticides on the skins, out of your water.

Why Lemon water?

* Lemon water is a natural detoxifier for your body

*Aids in Digestion

*Keeps your skin youthful and glowing

*Freshens your breath

*Fights colds and infections

*Aids in weight loss

Via Pout Perfection's facebook page

Via Pout Perfection’s facebook page

You can use your Wherever water bottle with Limes, Oranges and grapefruits as a low calorie, low sugar alternative to juice.

You can even mix them all together to make a refreshing citrus cooler.

You can also get creative:

*Lemon & Mint

*Lemon & Basil

*Raspberry * Lime

*Grapefruit * Orange

And so Many more.


I Absolutely love this bottle and will be adding a second one to my life just because i am so scared of not being able to find them again, haha yes i’m that type of person.

Where can you find them: They are available at Selective Woolwoorth’s stores,

And when i say selective i REALLY mean selective as i went to 4 different woolies just to end up finding it at the smaller woolies food in my area.

The damage:  These babies go for R109.99 which is a really tiny price to pay to a healthier life style.

image (1)

Fresh Lemon

Don’t you just love how pretty it looks it also has a very comfortable handle to carry it by. I really love this baby and can without a doubt advice each and everyone to invest in one, especially with the really hot summers we get to experience in South Africa.

Have a fabulous Day Poutlings and stay hydrated,

remember it adds to a healthier life and better complexion 😉




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