Sorbet Have Launched Their Own BB Cream!

I am a little bit late in getting the news out to all of you lovelies but just in case you haven’t heard – Sorbet have launched their own range of BB cream. Now I haven’t heard too much about BB cream in a while, it seemed to have somewhat calmed down to a couple of months ago when it was all everyone could talk about. As one of the BB converted myself it sparked a lot of interest for me. Like most BB creams it is claimed to be in an all one in formulation but this one is created to actually replace your moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer and foundation.


Isn’t that a mouthful? If that is true isn’t that a hell of a lot of cupboard space automatically saved? Sorbet should include under the list of all-in-one attributes that they are also help de-cluttering bathrooms everywhere! 😉

I have yet to try this as I’m still using another brand and I will not buy another BB cream while I’m using one I’m enjoying. However, the plus side of the Sorbet BB cream is that it only costs R100! Which is very affordable!!


Its colour range has three shades – namely light, medium or dark tone. It is available to purchase at Sorbet and Clicks.

Have you tried it? Be sure to let us know!

x flea143

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