Cruz Sisters Bag It

Loewe Cruz Bag 01Penelope Cruz and Monica Cruz have joined forces with Spanish fashion house Loewe. If you are not familiar with the brand, once you have seen their adorable handbags you will find it hard to not find yourself secretly longing for one.Loewe Cruz Bag 03

The bags designed by the Cruz duo is impeccably stylish, and it has aptly been named the Cruz bag.

“We usually like the same things. when we do design meetings separately, we tend to choose the same material and colours.”

The sisters who are known for their enchanting looks which propels their European charm have managed to recreate that within the bags designs. The campaign is very dynamic and bright.Loewe Cruz Bag 04 Loewe Cruz Bag 05Loewe Cruz Bag 06Loewe Cruz Bag 07

The line of Cruz handbags is quite large, not in the sense of an entire shop outlet but the fact that there are so many options available. There is an elegant charcoal blush bag which would fit in any outfits. Two variations in polka-dot are also incredible. The turquoise one is more for those that walk on the bolder, brighter side of fashion.Loewe Cruz Bag 08

“We wanted to do something special but also practical, and we wanted the design to have an unmistakeable Spanish element… We wanted a bag that would be useful for women who need to carry many things and have them all to hand at the same time.”

Loewe Cruz Bag 02Aaaah, Dear Santa… for Christmas I would like a Cruz bag!

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3 responses to “Cruz Sisters Bag It

  1. My one sister bought a Loewe bag. But I haven’t seen her use it since I told her it might have been calf skin. That’s the only thing I don’t like about Loewe. They use baby calf leathers. (Maybe karakul too) 😦 so so sad. Nice bag, but hopefully not made of such innocent lives. Oh and for the people who don’t know. Loewe is pronounced loo ebbe. Haha. However, they look stunning, the sisters that is. Lol

    • I honestly didn’t think too much about it but now you mention it, it could be – but I hope not!
      Love their designs though. I think I may have a crush on the Cruz family, not quite Beckham-esque level yet but still. lol

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