Ever so Inspiring Simoné Meyer – Miss Teen International SA

Simone Meyer - Miss Teen SA 01

Here is what Simoné Meyer, Miss Teen International SA, had to say and share with us in her own words….

My journey so far has been very eye opening, working in cooperation with the JAG foundation at their project called BullyProof. Since that is my platform to stand against bullying as I was bullied when I was in grade 6 all the way through until matric. I’ve become an ambassador for them since it’s better to work together than putting up a lot of different organizations that has no effect. Working with the JAG Foundation we are trying to incorporate a system in primary schools that will teach the children to stand up for themselves without it resulting in to violence.

The JAG BullyProof Foundation is trying to start at primary schools to develop the skills to stand up against bullying. Also trying to find why the bully is bullying other children. As a bully is also nothing less than a victim himself, he as well has somewhere to go when he wants to speak. So instead of punishing the bully we encourage the teachers and parents to go and look why he is acting in that way and try to help them, instead of making them more angry by punishment.

Simone Meyer - Miss Teen SA 05

The Foundation also have a slogan that says “Don’t Stand By, Stand Up” Even a bystander is a victim or an encourager. If you watch and then do nothing about it as well as taking the bully’s side and laughing you are just as good as a bully. If the victim is too scared to go and talk to someone you should help them and try to convince them to go talk to a adult they can trust.Simone Meyer - Miss Teen SA 03

This is just a nutshell of what the JAG BullyProof Foundation is doing. They have a free manual that is downloadable since bullying is a epidemic that people too easily pass by as ‘growing up’ . Being their ambassador and teaching children not to tolerate bullying has made me a better person. We need to start standing up and stop standing by.

I’ve became an ambassador for Ralo Cosmetics because I believe in publicity. They can help me to advertise and promote my cause in return for me promoting their products – carrying their name as high as I possibly can. Ralo also has a wide range of cosmetics for any girl/woman’s needs. It’s market is wide and helping them opening more doors for them, making their horizon as wide as possible is also a task that made me become an ambassador for Ralo Cosmetics.

Simone Meyer

Miss Teen International South Africa

Your inner beauty cannot bulliedSimone Meyer - Miss Teen SA 06Simone Meyer - Miss Teen SA 02

Thank you very much Simoné, for your time in responding to my questions and we will continue to watch your journey wishing you every success and more along the way. The world can learn a lot from determination as strong as yours! Never lose that. All the best with the rest of your journey and keep reaching for the stars!

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3 responses to “Ever so Inspiring Simoné Meyer – Miss Teen International SA

  1. Annalie

    Wishing you and the Jag Foundation all the best as bullying is happening every day and people are very ignorant about it. Good luck with your future as well. I want to give you these words of wisdom: You can only see the hurt in other’s eyes if you look through the door of your own selfishness.

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