Makeup Inspiration : 4 Looks For The Festive Season

This wonderful set appeared in Foam Magazine featuring model Kassi from LA models photographed by Raquel Olivio. Illustrations done by Bijou Karman, styling by Jardine Hammond, hair by Sunnie Brook, nails by Destinee Handly and makeup by Emma Ospina using Dior products.

The title is Belle of the Ball and features around 4 lovely beauty looks for the upcoming silly season!Bar, the extremely glittery eye I believe these looks are not only acheivable but suitable for any occassion over the festive season…

Foam Magazine 01

I love this look but its really only practical for high fashion shoots and drag queens! It can be toned done to a glitter liner on the eyelid to create sultry, sparkly sophistication.

Foam Magazine 02Add some VAVAVOOM to your outfit with a cheeky eyeshadow application.

Foam Magazine 03This may take some time for the inexperienced eyeshadow applicator but with practice adding some bright colour to eyelid and blending can never go wrong, especially if topped off with a beautiful bright lipstick.

Foam Magazine 04The festive season is also time to give your natural hair its time to shine, go wild, put your straightners down, apply a dot of Argan oil and let your hair be free to show its natural beauty. Keep the makeup minimalist, and on trend for the season with a clear example of bareface! Don’t be fooled though, use a light bronzer to contour your face and finish your lips with an off neutral lip.

Common denominators in all looks? Start with a flawless face, strong eyebrows; if your makeup is wild tone down your hair and if your hair is wild tone done your face so as to not look too overdone, and let your inner festivites reflect on your face and in your hairstyle.

x flea143


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2 responses to “Makeup Inspiration : 4 Looks For The Festive Season

  1. That wild child looks so 90s inspired!

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