TIP TOPIt is no secret. I love nail polish and I love colour. Some may say I am a colour whore. I am quite a brand snob and very rarely bother with cheaper brands because who has time for polish that cracks when you look at it funny, or streaks when you apply it or only lasts 2 days on your fingers.

I was spoiled with a year end hamper that had some Tip Top goodies in it. (I did not buy it but it was a present) I know the brand from shopping at Clicks and I have stopped and admired their fabulous range of colours but I was always slightly put off by the prices, automatically assuming they would only be  – R39.99 per bottle.


excuse the crappy light, the only time I’ve had to paint my nails has been late 🙂

For a week I have been sporting the colour ASTRONAUT, a reflective dark blue, which I have been loving for this time of the year, while sporting my denim skirts my nails have been looking fabulous.

I must say, despite my many hang ups (and sounding so difficult to please when it comes to nail polish) I have been impressed by the polish. Not just a name, TIP TOP is just that a TIP TOP brand. Winning on all aspects of affordability, quality and durability.

To TOP OFF my TIP TOP review:

 – A vast range of shades to choose from with selected seasonal shades introduced on a seasonal basis.

 – Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (Dibuthyl Phthatalate) & Camphor free.

 – NOT tested on animals.

Try it, I promise you won’t regret it!

x flea143

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2 responses to “TIP TOP NAIL CHIC… Review

  1. Firstly, Astronaut is discontinued and I am IMMENSELY jealous that you have it 😦
    I love Tip Top and I have many of their polishes. They’re affordable and great! 😀

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