Pillow Talk

A couple of weeks ago I met Lucie, who is better known as the SilkLady. She taught me so much about silk and the benefits of a silk pillowcase which is what her company the SilkLady produces.

Silk Lady

Its a known fact that sleep is a big contributor towards gorgeous, healthy glowing skin and gorgeous locks but until recently I’ve never thought much about my bedding contributing towards this factor, more specifically my pillow. If you are already on a strict skin and hair workout regime, you should invest toward to holy grail of skin care for your face, a beautiful silk pillowcase. The SilkLady provides beautiful quality 100% organic silk pillowcases which are anti-ageing, hypo-allergenic, natural skin care and good for your hair.

Silk is similar to human skin and one of its properties is a natural protein that contributes to skin wellbeing by renewing the rate in which the skin producing new skin cells which will result in the ageing processing being slowed down.Unlike normal pillowcases which can cause facial creases, which is a main contributor to wrinkles, the skin and hair can also be stripped of natural moistures and absorbed, which can result in dry skin and brittle hair. It may take some getting use to if you have been using a cotton pillowcase for years as silk will always have more slip and glide than cotton. This, however is the reason why you should invest in a quality silk pillowcase, the slip and glide of the silk is the reason for its effectiveness in preventing facial creases and dreaded morning bedhead! It may not answer your prayers 100% if you already have a serious problem with facial creases but they will diminish slightly and not be as exaggerated as with cotton.

“The Silk Lady pillowcases are naturally hypoallergenic. Since silk is a high molecular form of protein, it has a strong affinity for bio-organisms, and also has the unusual characteristic of preventing growth of micro organisms and bacteria. The closely woven nature of silk makes it inhospitable for dust mites – properties that have proven to ease conditions such as eczema and asthma. Silk is fungi immune and does not contain harmful trace chemicals and therefore resistant to mold and deterioration.”

The SilkLady pillowcases are a brilliant idea for a present for a lady of any age! Not sure what to get your mum, sister or auntie for Christmas? I think you do now!

The pillowcases are on special online at the moment for R310 each and you can purchase them online at www.thesilklady.com and be sure to follow them on Facebook too, let them know we sent you 🙂

x flea143

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