Perfect Pink Manicure

A few weeks ago I was given some Ralo products to try out and to share my experiences with you. Prior to learning about Ralo Cosmetics from the lovely Simone and Shajar, I was a bit in the dark with regards to who they are and what they offer.

The brand is cheaper than most larger cosmetic competitors, and it easily rivals some of the more drugstore-type brands. Don’t let the packaging deceive you as the products work as they say they will; not to mention the staff are super helpful and friendly (unlike some major cosmetic brands!) which all in all means that they are not a bad stop for anyone that is possibly not sure of what they want or is on a tight budget.

The nail polish I’m wearing is Ralo Professional Nail Polish in 75 and retails for R39.50. It’s a matte-metallic pink. You can browse all the colours in this range here.Ralo

The bottle is plain, nothing fancy my only complaint was that the brush itself is quite short and unfortunately my brushs brissles were bent and sadly there is no name but just a number.

The polish itself is highly pigmented and with one coat my nail was completely covered, I did however put a second coat on top just because I’m OCD like that 😉

It took 4 days for my polish to start chipping, which in retrospect is not bad but it is certainly not along the likes of the higher salon brands where I can get two weeks wear before a chip – but then again in price Ralo beats them hands down.

You can find a Ralo Cosmetics in a major shopping centre near you or you can shop online to view their entire product range and offering.

You follow them on Twitter @RaloCosmetics and like them on Facebook too.

Disclaimer – This product was given to me for review purposes. This has in no way altered my view of these products.

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4 responses to “Perfect Pink Manicure

  1. I’m aa bit of a nail polish junkie myself, and the pink polish is just lovely. Chipping polish is always an issue for me as I wash my hands alot working in the medical field. Funny thing, I picked up some really cheap polish on a humble for my daughter from Forever21, and by cheap I mean cheap .99 well ironically I polished my nails with it and it lasted for 6 whole days which in my book is a record. I went back for the Polish and they no longer carry it. Ain’t that a blimp! Anyway your nails look lovely. Nice shape and everything.
    P.s. Thanks for re inspiration, I’m back blogging again. Yipee

    • I am really a bit of a nail polish snob, and I rarely buy the cheap brands because of bad experiences and I do not want to paint my nails every day! LOL. But I was very impressed with the product…. I also wash my hands a lot, as I do a lot of makeup on clients etc.
      So glad you’re back to blogging! keep it up xxx

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