Let Rooibos Fix You

Just like in the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the older relative thinks that Windowlene will fix everything, South African’s are no different, with rooibos, but possibly with a bit more science to back up their claimrooibos bushs, rooibos will help your problems. We love drinking our rooibos tea, its benefits are widely known and even get some international recognition.

Reasons why we drink rooibos include, but are not limited to:

  1. It is a refreshing drink.
  2. It is caffeine free, which means its safe for everyone to drink including children and pregnant ladies.
  3. It has strong anti-oxidants which protect the body in a number of ways, including fighting free radicals and has very strong anti-inflammatory properties which helps prevent heart disease.
  4. There are studies that suggest consumption of rooibos tea results in a reduction of cancer causing chemicals.
  5. It is rich in minerals, like the soil it is grown in. Some of the minerals are magnesium for the immune system; calcium and manganese for healthy teeth and bones; zinc for the metabolism; and iron which is important for helping blood and muscles distribute oxygen.
  6. It can resolve tummy cramps.
  7. Protects against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
  8. Encourages a restful sleep.
  9. Research suggests that drinking rooibos may assist in weight management, as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  10. It can relieve skin conditions.

So, have you added “DRINK MORE ROOIBOS” to your new years resolutions? Me neither. I don’t believe in resolutions… and I will tea regardless of whether its on a list 😛

african extracts

Toward the end of the year I received the African Extracts Rooibos Skin Care as a present which is made using rooibos which is grown in the Cederberg mountains. African Extracts is designed by South Africans for South African skin. As rooibos contains a phunylpyretic acid, which helps improve acne, psoriasis and eczema you can actually apply a cooled tea bag to affected areas on the skin for a jump start to soothe and heal any inflammation but if the thought of this sounds a bit dramatic and possibly crazy, the African Extract range is able to address your skin concerns and provide all the benefits of rooibos tea bags on a daily basis in your skin care routine. The powerful antioxidants in all the African Extract products protect you from harsh environmental stress and pollutants.

Cleansing_LotionThe soothing cleansing lotion retails for R47.00 and is just that, I used it when my skin was aggravated after being in the sun and on a game drive for a few hours and once I had finished cleansing my skin had calmed down tenfold, and felt refreshed.

Day CreamThe day time moisturiser has a SPF15 which is a must for me in any daytime cream as I am immensely terrified of sun damage, it is R53.45.

Night CreamThe nourishing night cream leaves your skin feeling smooth and is not oily, it retails for R53.45 like the day time cream.

entire rangeIn the African Extract range there is also a facial scrub (R47.00), refreshing toner toner (R47.00), a range of masks, eye cream, tissue oil, anti-ageing hand cream, body lotion, body scrub and luxurious body butter. African Extracts have also recently launched their Herbal Extract Shampoo (R39.99) and Herbal Extract Conditioner (R39.99).

For anyone that loves rooibos, loves local and wants to look after their skin without forking out a fortune, this may be the range for your skin. African Extracts is paraben free and is not tested on animals, it is widely available at Dischem and other pharmacies nationwide and is very competitively priced.untitled

I think its tea time.

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me for review purposes, this has not altered my view of these products in anyway.

x flea143


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5 responses to “Let Rooibos Fix You

  1. I love these types of posts. I never knew they had an SPF product, very nice!

  2. Ohh nice post 🙂 I absolutely adore Rooibos, not to mention it’s delicious..!

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