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A while back I had the privilege to attend an event at the Laserderm Aesthetic Clinic branch in Claremont for some informative information on the Gentle Max Pro Laser system as well as the DCL skincare range, which I was not familiar with at all but now I am and thought I would share this new found knowledge with you all.DCL

At a glance the Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories, otherwise known as DCL, looks somewhat pharmaceutical in appearance, crisp white with no graphics or imagery but rather just clearly labelled. This first impression is not far from the truth as the products are developed and collaborated with the medical field in order to create a “focus group” which marks out the development of the formulas in order to achieve the best possible result for the end user. The best news: DCL is cruelty free!

The company is 33 years old and co-pioneered the development of AHA’s, (Alpha Hydroxy Treatments) which are unique in their own right. Who wouldn’t want to be able to resurface their skin or address uneven skin tone and decongest pores all while ridding the skin of dead skin cells for great results in clarity and texture?

Similar to other skincare brands, DCL offer anti-ageing, eye care products, antioxidant products, specialised and general cleansing, specialised moisturising, specialised masks and specialised sun protections. The DCL products are a luxury skincare brand which is driven on results. As with most of the luxurious things in life, they are not cheap but can you place a price on the health of your skin?

Some of my top picks for the products within the range are:

Top picks for mature skin

DCL SKIN RENEWALSkin Renewal R1,000

A daytime skin treatment to combat the signs of ageing. The product contains 10% Glycolic fruit acid which resurfaces the skin and evens the tone and texture; the anti-oxidant green tea helps build the immunity of the skin; the chemical free SPF 20 shields the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays; hydrating moisturiser which leaves no residue; makeup can easily be applied over the product.

DCL YQ STRATUMYQ Stratum – R1,950

If you are looking for the Rolls Royce in skin care, this is it. This product is clinically proven to achieve improved skin texture, clarity and smoothness after only 7 days but even better, after 30 days of using the products fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced. The results are driven by the product having various nutrients, enzymes and super antioxidants which are biosynthesized by natural yeast to create a cream which can effectively be absorbed into a skin.


By using 6 corrective peptides this product assists in reducing wrinkle depth and improving skin firmness while brightening skin and achieving better skin resilience with anti-oxidant benefits for additional environmental protection.

Top picks for young skin

DCL GLYCOLIC ACID PADSGlycolic Acid Pads 10% or 20% – R650 or R700

Ideally this product should be used in between professional chemical peels as essentially this product is an at home mini peel, the product is active but not aggressive as a true glycolic peel. It works by removing the dead skin cells for better clarity and renewed skin texture while cleansing clogged pores and lifting excess sebum in acne prone skin. If used regularly the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will gradually start disappearing.

DCL C SCAPE SERUMC Scape Serum – R680

This product is a water soluble serum which is immediately absorbed into the skin and is suitable for all skin to achieve an improved skin tone by helping the production of collagen.

Top pick for anyone

DCL CHEMICAL FREE SUNBLOCKChemical Free Sunscreen – R500

This water resistant sun protection cream has no chemical sun blocking agents like most sun protection products on the market today. In a nutshell, there is no evidence that proves your skin can absorb these ingredients there is some new evidence supporting the theory that these chemicals may reduce the processes of some cells over a long period of time and then the natural process of ageing could cause this as this occurs at different rates in each person however, this sunscreen has become a choice for a more holistic option with a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach on life.

With the products being sold at Laserderm they will offer additional benefits to people who are already undergoing laser treatments in order target specific skin concerns however they are not only suitable for those people having any laser. They will benefit any individual as long as all directions are adhered to and should any hypersensitivity to the products occur the product should be discontinued immediately.

The products are available at all Laserderm branches countrywide and at selected aesthetic clinics. For additional information on the products, pop into a Laserderm branch (to find your nearest visit their website).

Thanks for the education Laserderm, I look forward to my Chemical Free Sunblock use 🙂

x flea143

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  1. Zainab

    Hello dear, where did you find that DCL is cruelty-free? I’ve been looking for this info but I couldn’t find any reliable source yet. Please enlighten me. Thanks.

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