SpaRitual…Matte Top Effect

Hey Poutlings,

Wow I can’t say I haven’t been around for a while as it seems I have to much time on my hands at the moment, But that’s obviously not a bad thing as I get to share a bunch of things with all of you.

SpaRitual Matte Top Effect

SPARITUAL INTRODUCES A NEW CATEGORY: TOP EFFECT, Discover SpaRitual’s Exciting New Innovations

SpaRitual introduces an exciting new top effect category with two new Matte collections: Mattify Matte Top Effect and Luminary Matte Top Effect. As part of the signature collection, Top Effects add new dimension and versatility to any nail lacquer.


SpaRitual Mattify Matte Top effect

“The Mattify Matte Top Effect top coat transforms any glossy polish to a matte finish for a unique and beautiful touch”

 How amazing does these nails look, I’m not going toe lie, I’ve always wondered how the effect is created.


Luminary Matte Top Effect

“The Luminary Matte Top Effect diffuses light with iridescent matte flakes when layered on top of any nail lacquer shade.”

The Luminary collection features a speckled, radiant effect including a gold iridescent, Citrine and purple iridescent, Opaline”


“As with all SpaRitual lacquers, the Mattify Matte Top Effect and Luminary Top Effect are formulated without DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor.”

Mattify Matte Top Effect and the Luminary Top Effect will be available April 2014 and will both retail for R193.00 each at select spa and retail locations throughout the country.

Ladies April 2014 is definitely a date to remember, I’m most definitely going to keep an eye out for the release of these beauties as I am extremely amped to try them, especially the mattify matte top coat, I’ve always loved the matte effect on nails.

Sadly I have not yet used SpaRitual but being told they are a 100% Vegan brand they are without a doubt being added to my list of “MUST TRY” and hopefully “LOVE” soon too.

If any of you ladies have used the brand and or have images of your sexy SpaRitual nails, please share them as we love hearing from you.



Twitter: @SpaRitual

Here are some ideas on how to play with your SpaRitual Matte Collection

I have no idea of what nail polish was used to create any of these nail art as the images have been taken from the amazing world wide web, these images are mainly for inspiration purposes. 




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2 responses to “SpaRitual…Matte Top Effect

  1. Adele

    Wow! This really is pretty- and something different!(Especially the black blocks one) I’m just wondering if it won’t feel weird having matte nails- like me touching polysterene or hearing nails scrape on a blackboard… Love the post!

    • I haven’t actually thought of the touch factor, very interesting. I have a weird thing with Ice cream sticks so if its anything like that I would probably die! haha Thank you for reading 🙂 xx

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