What is your Valentine’s day colour? :)

Glad we got the cooking out the way now onto some beauty products and fun Valentines day specials 🙂

What is your Valentines day color? Pink or Red?

Have a look at these absolutely AMAZING specials by Essence, Caribbean Tan and SkinScience,

Now as most of you know I have done more then one Review / Post on Essence and I definitely love the brand,

Its very much affordable and very easy to get your hands on, Now the same goes for Caribbean tan and SkinScience.

And what better way to spoil yourself or be spoiled this V-day with some of these amazing products.

I’ll start with Essence first 🙂




 Essence Pigments:

These little fellas are extremely pigmented as the name obviously states and they are perfect for that eye catching V-day look this year



Essence Long lasting lipstick:

I have an absolute fetish for Red lipstick even though I have only started wearing it about a year if not two ago, I strongly believe every girl should have a red, and having so many different shades of Red’s I’m sure you too will find your color in the Essence range, Best way to get your warm toned kissable lips this V-day! 😀



Essence Nail art Cracking top Coat:

I have this in the white and dark blue, the cracking is absolutely awesome but in all honesty I didn’t enjoy these as much as I’d hope, Hopefully you’ll find a bigger love for them this V-day when creating a very feminine pink cracking nail.



Essence Effect Nails:

These are just to damn cool for school best affordable way to get a stunning Velours textured nail to brighten your V-day, There is a wide range of textures and styles available, if you are feeling adventurous.



Essence Lipliner:

I have an essence lipliner that I often use for Personal use and I can vouch for this little bugger they are awesome and have a long lasting effect which helps your lipstick to stay in tact without bleeding, love it!


Colour and Go quick dry R29.95



Essence Colour and Go:

I have a little Nail obsession and due to that a whole range of different essence nail polishes fill my life,

Haha I really love them, Especially the Colour and go its, quick and easy and the brush type is awesome too,

Brighten your nails with a daring Red Colour and go by Essence this V-day!



Essence Eye Sorbet:

These are pretty rad as they can be used as a cream shadow or even as a gelish eye-liner, I’ve tried them as both and found them very much effective, Unfortunately I can’t say I’ve used them that often but i do have a few of them and they tend to come in handy!



Essence Eyeshadow:

I really have quite a few of these babies and I carry them or rather some the more earthy colors in my bag for touch-ups as they are pretty heavy duty and I haven’t had a single one break yet, They apply easy and the shimmer ones are pretty shimmery, Love using them especially as a “low Budget” fix 🙂



Sadly I can’t say I’ve used this before but i definitely look forward to trying them out that’s for sure, really loving this Colour too, everyone know’s i’m a Pink girl 😉



Essence Glossy lipbalm:

This is perfect for those who aren’t lipstick girls, its a great moisturizer for your lips especially if you are in SA and experiencing the very overwhelming South African summer.



Essence Studio nail pockets:

For girls on the go, I hate having to find myself always looking or needing a nail file when not at home, I think these are super cute and very practical for those emergency chips or tears, perfect to carry around with you in your hand bag.



Essence Glow Tinted Lip Balm:

This is also a great substitute for lipstick as it has a colored tint to it and helps to moisturize your lips while keeping them kissable!

Caribbean Tan:

Now if you are as fortunate or unfortunate as I am where I got to go to Italy over December but missed out on a sunny South African holiday this is just what you need 😀







With Caribbean tan you can have healthy glowing skin at the tips of your finger, avoiding getting sun damage it’s definitely a safer way to go to get your summer look, especially with the heat waves we have been experiencing in SA over the last few weeks, please keep your skin protected!




Skinscience renewing night serum:

I won’t lie I haven’t tried this yet but it’s definitely the most affordable night serum I’ve seen to date so it’s effeminately a “Must / Should try”

A non-oily night serum with a subtle apple fragrance. The Renewing Night Serum has a special blend of PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica to repair damaged skin cells while you sleep.

After cleansing and toning apply to the face, neck and décolleté area to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Type: Any

Application: Lotion

Size: 50ml


Stockist Details:

•Essence – Dis-Chem and Clicks/0860 COSMETIX (26763849)
•Caribbean Tan – Clicks, Dis-Chem & pharmacies – www.caribbeantan.co.za
•Skin Science – Dis-Chem nationwide & selected salons/ www.skin-science.co.za

How cute is this V-day inspired look?

Please note that this look does not belong to me and I don’t know the creator, The image was found via the amazing World wide web.

Please share your looks and thoughts with us,we absolutely love hearing from you.

Have a blessed evening!



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