DIY Valentine’s day Gifts / Snacks

So I have two more Product posts I have to share with you and they are both Valentine’s day Related,

Therefore before I continue to them I though I’d share some DIY V-day gifts and all things Red and Love related lol

Believe it or Not but I have already made my Viking a little DIY for the Red day thank’s to to much time on my hands and the evil of Pintrest.

DIY V-day Gifts:

52 Reasons I love you

52This is such a cute gift, I did Something similar except I made a paper box and wrote the reasons in there and filled it with a bunch of paper cut out hearts lol

This is still very easy and sentimental though, for the full Tutorial please visit PaperVine


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vThis is a very sweet idea, I  recently went to buy herbs as I’m starting my own little indoor herb garden,

I would most definitely love this as a gift be it on V-day or not, So if your loved one has green fingers be sure to stop by Martha Stewards site for the full tutorial to see how you can make this and what you’ll need.

Valentine Bear

Who doesn’t love a cuddly bear on V-day?

bear2How flippen adorable is this little guy?

I definitely want to make this at some point, I think this is a great idea if you have Children,

It will make an awesome Valentines gift but also just a great gift in general.

I’ve glanced over the “How to” and it seems easy enough, If you enjoy Crochet and hand sewing for that matter please visit All About Ami for the complete tutorial on how to make your very own bear 🙂

Valentines Tic Tac Toe


I think this is an awesome idea if you aren’t big on spending your Valentines day anywhere but home,

Dinner, movie and cuddles followed by some fun games, If you enjoy board games why not try this unique way of Tic Tac Toe this V-day with your loved one, for the full tutorial please visit Alpha Mom, This is also a great way to share the day with your Children.

Every Heart has a Story

StorySadly I couldn’t find a tutorial for this awesome gift, But it seems simple enough to do without one.

This is just to sweet, I would Instead of taking pages from a book though, write up how I met my partner and incorporate that into a heart along with a few “1st” or treasured memories.

Now onto the baking / food 😛

I have a rather large amount of easy DIY cooking / baking meals and treats I’m definitely trying this year so here is just a few to inspire you.

French Toast with Strawberries

ToastThis looks absolutely delicious and so pretty, great idea for an early morning breakfast in bed or a later Brunch.

Best thing about this is how much time it will take from your day, in only 20 Minutes you will have these beauties and a smiling partner, for the full Recipe please visit Land O Lake.

Sweet rice crispy treats


I’ve been meaning to make Rice crispy treats for the last few days now but I just haven’t gotten around to it,

However when i do I’ll def try this out, its just so pretty and fun and allot more “presentable” Sadly the my boyfriend won’t eat it but that’s okay more for me 😉 This would make a great snack but also a lovely gift for loved ones.

To get the full recipe on this fun easy Valentines day treat please visit Alex and Alex – Life and Style

Pancake Art


With the weather we’ve been having in Gauteng for the last few days this is definitely a fun way to convert your pancakes, especially if Valentine’s day also turns out to be a cuddle weather one.

Sadly there is no link to a tutorial but i rate best is to put your pancake mix in a squeezy bottle and just get creative,

If ts not quite what you wanted just remember there is no such thing as a mistake when it comes to art 😛

Caprese salad with Heart shapes


This is a bit more on the healthy side but still really pretty and would make a great “starter” along with some Pita bread for a valentine’s day lunch, for all the details please visit

Bacon Hearts

BaconWho doesn’t love bacon? 😀 These would o great with your heart shaped french toast for a complete breakfast made with Love, For all the details please visit The Paper Mama

Roasted Heart Potatoes

potatoesThis is a great idea for a side dish on Valentine’s day, Simple, quick, easy and pretty.

For full directions please visit Haniela’s

Well I best stop there for now, all these heart shaped food has not just made me excited for Valentine’s day but also extremely hungry. If you plan on triyng any of these DIY or even have any of your own, Please share them with us, We really do enjoy hearing from you.



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