Hairy Matters with HAIRGENX

Healthy luscious hair is a trait we can all take for granted, but what does it mean when you start experiencing hair loss? Well, I can’t give the exact answer, and if you are worried, perhaps you should visit your doctor to discuss as each type of hair loss has different causes although some of the types are really not understood properly.images

Could it be genetics?

Male pattern baldness is hereditary passing from generation to generation, if you are a man and you know your father was bald or balding the likelihood that you will experience the same type of hair loss is quite high however it is not clear if this is the case with female-pattern baldness, although it is clear that women who have been through menopause may have increased chance of female-pattern baldness because they have fewer female hormones.

Could it be an immune imbalance?

Androgenic alopecia is an autoimmune condition, where the body’s natural defence is hindered and struggles to protect it from infection from bacteria and viruses. When the immune system attacks the cause of infection, but in the case of alopecia areata it damages the hair follicles instead, the reason for this is still unknown. The hair follicles are not permanently damaged and in many cases the hair grows back within a few months. If you have any other autoimmune disease, such as thyroid disease, diabetes, vitiligo could mean that you would be more likely to be affected by alopecia areata.

Could it be related to medical treatments?

In cases where someone has undergone major medical treatments in most cases for cancer, most commonly chemotherapy however not all chemo drugs cause hair loss and sometimes the hair loss is so small it is hardly noticeable. When I was a teenager, after having various surgeries, none related for anything to do with cancer and/or chemotherapy I experienced terrible hair loss and hair fall. Eventually, some clever doctor rooted it back to having a couple of anaesthetics within a certain period of time. Certain medications also are attributed to hair fall, some are worse than others.

Could it be temporary?

Telogen effluvium is a temporary hair loss that can caused by your bodies reaction to hormonal changes, intense emotional stress, intense physical stress, a short term illness, a long term illness, changes in diet, medications, etc. Temporary hair loss can also be linked to excessive smoking and/or yo-yo dieting.

Our hair is our crowning glory, a good hair day and everything can go well, a bad hair day starts the day off with a sour taste but what do you do when you experience hair fall? Well, you need to try and understand why you are experiencing it but there are other preventative measures to take in order to ensure the health of your hair and scalp alike. Many products are available on the market but I was lucky enough to learn about a new-ish product available on the market called HAIRGENX, they have 3 different products in their range, one for the men in daily capsules of vitamins, one for the ladies also in daily capsules of vitamins and a scalp massage oil.hairgenx

HAIRGENX is a supplement and massage oil which you take daily to assist anyone with hair loss that is from hormonal, stress-related, or androgenic alopecia and reportedly it has also been praised for assisting post-chemo patients in getting their hair back quicker.



hairgenx_bigger2_610WThe capsules for women (R260)are formulated for the any lady of any age (but advised as a precaution for those over 45 years old), who is concerned about female patter hair loss, thinning or lifeless hair and aids the growth and regrowth of thick luscious locks while providing the body with the nutrients and vitamins required in order to keep the hair in tip top condition. The





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