StoryDerm Stem Cell Silk Mask

I’ve been terrible with masking my face recently but after attending the #CptBloggerMeet and being given a few StoryDerm facial masks to use, I thought I better give them a go.

The one I decided to use was the Silk Mask – Stem Cell Silk Mask. Which is for anti-ageing and repair for the skin. StoryDerm

I read the instructions and it said to cleanse your face thoroughly and tone as normal then to apply the cloth to your face for 15 minutes. It doesn’t give any warnings that you might look like a complete serial killer and to tread warily around other people for their safety though. As facial masks go, its a fairly simple and clean application, you simply put the cloth with 4 holes cut out (2 for the eyes, one for the nose with a flap to cover your nose and another for your mouth) onto your face and let the magical cloth which might make you feel a little silly do the work. This mask/cloth technique has been designed to shield the skin with a protective layer while increasing the temperature of the skin to promote healing, prevent moisture escaping, nourish and soften the skin. Once the 15 minutes is up you remove the cloth/mask and let the excess moisture on your skin dry naturally.

It left the skin feeling extra smooth, not oily and it lasted for a few days with normal cleansing, toning and moisturising as normal.

The StoryDerm brand is a Korean skin care brand which is distributed in South Africa by the Cherryink Group. This mask retails for R45.

Thanks Cherryink for the lovely present, I look forward to trying my other mask in due course.

Disclaimer: This product was a gift from an event attended by myself. This has not altered my view of the products in anyway. All views are my own.

x flea143

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  1. I have mine to try out still, just cAn never find the time!!

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