The Millennium Generation Facts

A recent study has been done by PewReesearch in the USA, which focusses on social and demographic trends.

I guess, from the reading the report that I too am a “millennial” as I fall into the category of the last generation to hit adulthood which ranges from people who are 18 years old to 33 years old. We were around and old enough to remember welcoming in the Millennium. The Millennium 02 Arena - London

Although the report was done on USA citizens, a lot of the findings are relatable world wide with the exception of the political facts which go quite American, rather than global which I have over looked in the report and left out of the facts I found most interesting. Despite the political facts, I found a lot of the facts relatable and more so interesting.



Here is a brief summary of the full report, which you can read here

  • Millennials are getting married later in life and at a slower pace than previous generations mainly because of economic hardships – this results in a lot of babies being born out of wedlock. A large amount, 69% said they would like to be married but money does not permit.
  • Half of the millennial identify as being politically independent.
  • Millennials are more racially diverse than any previous generation.
  • Millennials are not religious as previous generations, only 58% say they are “absolutely certain” God exists and 29% are not affiliated with any religion at all.
  • Millennials are the first generation in the modern era to be worse off in terms of poverty, unemployment, income and personal wealth than the two previous generations were at the same age.
  • However, with all the problematic issues the world is facing millennial are more optimistic than any other generation that the best is yet to come.

 What do you think of the findings?

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