These Grannies Are Full of Wisdom

If you are having a bit of a Blue Tuesday, be sure to watch the above video where three grandmothers read and try to decipher the lyrics of Beyoncé featuring Kanye West’s single Crazy in Love, which was a big hit and still gets a hell of a lot of radio time. It’s hilarious but it’s also true.

I agree wholeheartedly with these wonderful grand mothers, what a load of nonsense we put our brains and ears through but what makes me furious is this is the type of stuff that is given too much radio time worldwide. You only really realise what is being said in these lyrics until you hear a child sing the lyrics (hopefully without understanding what they are saying) or when 3 grandmothers, sandwiches and all sit down and try and decipher the lyrics.

The video is a true gem though. Grannies for the win!

x flea143

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