My Forever Detox Experience

43 days ago on 3 Februay 2014, I embarked on a personal journey, a journey of promised health and happiness. This journey is called the Forever Clean 9 Detox and simply as the name suggests, is a 9 day detox.

Previously in my life, detox has been a dirty word as I have never strived for the fads of diets and detoxes that are ever prevalent and then die out, however this programme seems to be a bit different and this one I embraced. Was I toxic before doing this detox? Probably. I didn’t feel terrible but I wasn’t happy with a number of things, none which I feel the need to list here as I believe everyone who decides to undertake a detox would have a number of reasons, some being simple like “well, this won’t do me any harm” and others more deep and personal like losing weight, addressing illnesses and maybe a path to a better healthier life going forward. untitled1

My mother told me about this, as a friend in the UK is an agent and sells these products from Forever Living. I was sceptical at first as I’ve come across the pyramid-scheme-world before and been very hesitant however I am not interested in joining the business from that perspective and I have been advised that Forever Living is different than others, no names mentioned and I am only interested in the actual products they have on offer. On top of the fact that this product sort of sounded like it was almost-t00-good-to-be-true I did my research and Forever Living have received a load of good press internationally and they have a few different local distribution centres in South Africa as well as a number of countries world wide. 216_large

So, to summarise, the Clean 9 detox is a nutritional cleansing programme, in other words you watch what you put in your gob but it also incorporates a certain amount of exercise, (how much depends on your current level of fitness), an array of supplements, supplement milk shakes and of course the Forever Living signature product, Aloe Vera gel which you drink.

The first two days are certainly the hardest as they involve no munching, just drinking… a lot of drinking. Starting the day off with supplements, some aloe gel and some exercise with lots of water which is followed by mid morning “snack” of bee pollen supplements and lots of water – at lunch time you have even more supplements, aloe gel and a meal replacement shake that comes in chocolate or vanilla and then for dinner more supplements, aloe gel and another meal replacement shake which is all rounded off before going to bed by having some more aloe gel and water.

The first day I took a very funny turn, I ended up being incredibly ill just before going to bed and had incredible nausea, all topped off with a typical detox headache made me really feel like death that had been warmed up. I awoke on the second day, early because I had to exercise in the morning and I could barely lift my head up and proceeded to be awfully sick again. Needless to say, I went straight back to bed and spent the majority of the day sleeping away this terrible nausea with waking up in between to have my supplements and shakes. I have been assured that this is not the norm for other people who have been on the programme and that certain people happen to be a lot more toxic than others, I would imagine I was almost bio-hazardous from the way I was so sick.

I felt a lot better in the late afternoon and got up and went for a brisk walk to at least add some exercise into my detox regime, I did feel refreshed actually getting to do something and from then on I felt a lot better bar the occasional headache.

Day three to nine are a lot easier because you incorporate into your routine one 600 calorie meal a day which can either be in the afternoon or evening. I chose to eat my meals in the evening as its quality time to spend with my significant other as we both love food. That first meal you eat on day three is like a having a piece of paradise in your mouth and tummy – it made me incredibly happy to be able to eat once again – with that being said though I was not physically hungry – the shakes are filling and quite satisfying and the only time I felt hungry was when I had meetings in lovely coffee shops and you smell freshly baked muffins or when my man was cooking bacon for his lunch sandwiches!

While going through the detox you track your results on Day Zero I weighed and measured myself, then again on Day Three, once again on Day Six and then once more on Day 9. I certainly had results in both weight loss and overall body measurements, which a lot of people are sceptical about but I can guarantee you are not losing water weight because of the amount of water you are drinking on a daily basis plus all these days later I haven’t ballooned and put it all back on, in fact I’ve continued to carry on losing weight and measurements.

This programme has given more energy and I am sleeping so much better on it throughout the evening without waking up or battling to fall asleep. I am still incredibly lazy to get up in the mornings but I don’t generally feel as tired as I always did before going on the programme.

Overall, I would rate this quite highly and would recommend anyone who is looking for a better quality of life to give it a go because, it won’t kill you – it just may make you feel better, look better and feel more fabulous like you should already!

If you would like more information abuntitledout the Clean 9 or any of the Forever Living Products check out the store here.

The Clean 9 retails for R1,471.27  here.

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