Invisibobble Magic

Is it possible to love something as simple as a hair bobble? You know the hair bobble you use to rake your locks up so you can do things without your hair getting in the way? Cook, wash your face, garden, clean and sleep? Yeah, I always battled to get a hair bobble or elastic that didn’t pull at my hair. The ones that I did find never really lasted very long.

After reading countless press releases about the Invisibobble I saw them at my hairdressers and had to ask my dear hair stylist “What’s up with these things – do they work?”, he didn’t respond, he opened the last little box that he had, which was bright red (wouldn’t be my first choice but they do come in all sorts of colours) has 3 hair rings in them in and said “Here, try for yourself”.


Well, oh my goodness, I never ever thought something that looks so weird could really hold your hair up for hours without eventually working its way out on its own accord. It’s magic but not because its “INVIS” like the name suggests, its magic because it doesn’t pull, it doesn’t slide out – even when you sleep!

For R80, which at the time of buying them I secretly thought to myself that I have rocks in my head, I have been using one and only one (I still have two left over in the mini box that they came with) invisibobble and it has stretched ever so slightly, but enough so I can just wrap it over my hair once more than before. I am a bugger for wanting to tie my hair up after getting showered when it is still wet and when I use an invisibobble as apposed to an ordinary hair elastic the invisibobble leaves no visible marks even if my hair dries naturally while being tied up.

It’s a no brainer for me. I will battle to try and live life to the fullest without an Invisibobble close by.  If you have long hair look no further, these things are magic and we should all have one!!

x flea143


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4 responses to “Invisibobble Magic

  1. Thank you for the review! Was wondering what the big deal is. Now I want!

  2. Kate Kearney

    Whaaaat! This thing sounds like exactly what I’m looking for – will definitely track one down.

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