Salon Overload

Approximately two years ago, upon moving half way across the country and leaving my much beloved salon of +/- 10 years I was faced with a dilemma in Cape Town of where do I go and who do I trust for all the admin of waxing but also the occasional spoils of a pedicure, a facial or even a massage?

Fortunately, I found my Cape Town salon counterpart to my much loved Johannesburg one and luckily they are a 5 minute drive away from where I now live which is a bonus but finding them was not easy. Upon searching salons in my area I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of beauty spas and I could easily spot one or two were self-proclaimed “specialists” of their field when they were looking for an extra buck or two on the weekend.

salon finder

Enter the solution to all of the problems I faced and more, the premium website for spa and salon listings in your area with the option to score and write up on your experience and share with other people looking for some R’nR or for specific treatments in your area. Additionally they have up-to-date product reviews, full treatment listings and other spa related information in a user friendly format that even Grandmothers could use. Think of them, quite simply as the Trip Advisor of the beauty salon and treatment world. You don’t book a holiday without checking out where you will be sleeping, eating and relaxing without the help of Trip Advisor. Make sure you do not book an appointment at a new salon or spa without checking out their rating on Salon-Finder. No more guess work, no more betting on having a good time at XYZ day spa just because they have a Groupon with 99.99% off – are they really worth it? Read honest reviews of the experiences of other customers and make an informed decision.

Samantha Currie who is a qualified beauty therapist and former owner of her own salon is the big cheese behind

“The concept for the site came to me three years ago after constant requests from friends and family for salon referrals. The site has just undergone an overhaul and there are some exciting new features, which allow visitors to rate a spa or salon as well as having the option to leave a review to help others choose the right salon for them.”

Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter @Salon_Finder

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