All the Makeup You Could Ever Need

SALONOutlet-8-1If you’re opening a home salon, and plan to do makeup for clients, you’re going to need lots of makeup. Taking the time to plan out what you need to have on hand will help in the long run when clients come in asking for specific brands, specific shades and things that you don’t use every day. Depending on what the focus of your salon is, you may need to have more or less on hand, but there are some basic things you will have to take into consideration before diving in and deciding what to buy. Though makeup may not seem expensive, when you are buying lots of small items, it can add up, so it’s always best to budget these purchases out.


One of the largest cosmetics purchases that you will probably need for your new salon is a makeup kit for doing airbrushing. Airbrushed makeup is a huge draw for many places and is an additional way to make money during wedding season, aside from hair and nails. An airbrushed kit will allow you to do photo finish makeup will draw in lots of new clientele. You can find these kits at The Salon Outlet.



You’ll also need to think about everyday makeup needs. If you have clients who prefer traditional makeups, or you don’t plan to do airbrushing, you’ll need countless other items. Primers, sun blocks, loose powders, blushes, mascaras, eyeliners, eye shadows, lipsticks and bronzers will all be things that your customers ask for frequently.

You’ll need to have them available in not only a variety of shades, but also a variety of brands. There will be customers who have skin allergies that only allow them to wear a certain kind of makeup, too, so you’ll need allergen free makeups, as well.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from the Salon Outlet

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