Absolute Nude, Absolute Love

Sometime last year I received this wonderful eye palette from Catrice. It’s called Absolute Nude.

Absolute NUDE Catrice Absolute Nude

As you can see, the eye shadows are small and compact and pretty much cover all shades of nude through to a dark-ish brown with a mixture of some matte and some shimmer.

I am normally not sold on drug store brands of eye shadows as I believe we should firmly invest in a product if we want it to have durability and staying power. With the use of a quality eye primer this shadow does last. Which is a winner!

Essentially, this is a go-to palette for me when stuck on time of doing your face or stuck on space for over night business trips. I generally only use 2 eye shadows brushes to achieve my nude-ish looks but the shadows are very buildable and obviously you can make your look more dramatic by building and blending a dark outer corner to a beautiful inner corner in a light nude colour which would require 3 brushes. Day time looks, I never touch the shimmer to avoid that greasy look that can happen but for night time the shimmer is king.

For the best results I always use an eye primer for the colour to pop.

Here is a look I created using this palette while on my last business trip. A good solid primer (Urban Decay Eye Potion), some Absolute Nude eye shadow and topped off with some black winged liner is always a winner for me.

Absolute Nude flea143

Thanks Catrice, I ❤ you guys!

P.S…. Sorry for the delay in getting this ‘lil write-up out.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but these products were given to me as a gift. No bribery or corruption in getting me to post about this product occurred.


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3 responses to “Absolute Nude, Absolute Love

  1. Love this palette 🙂

  2. When I read about this palette earlier this year I went out and bought 3 for me and my sisters. Has had some really good reviews. Thanks for the advice on the eye primer, I need to get some.

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