Elegant Makeup Storage

When the time comes to looking at your makeup collection – if you’re like me you have a pretty impressive collection. Compromising of high end brands which make you proud to own but also happy to wear, the only problem is when you know you have that lip liner that matches your brand new plum lipstick; you can never find the damn thing amidst the hoards and hoards of other products because you are scrambling between 4 {mini}makeup bags and you just cant find the damn thing. Is all that makeup truly worthy of being slung into makeup bags and squished and mistreated. The answer is definitely not but I am guilty

I can really understand why the rise of the acrylic makeup displays have become so popular to overlook these issues which can be both frustrating, time consuming and end up with you scrambling to settling for a different colour, shade or product than what you initially dreamed up in your mind.

Sometimes the more simple a design, the more beautiful. Acrylic makeup displays simply look flawless, are easier to navigate than bags and I’m quite sure make all women woo and make “oooh” and “aaah” sounds when laying eyes upon them when they are filled with their favourite cosmetics and how gorgeous would these look as an addition to your dressing table? Tres chic.

The only drawbacks I can think of are that I would imagine that they would get dusty quickly and when you need to pack a makeup bag for travels – how would you go back to makeup bags when scooting around to not having the ease of getting your products out? I also have so much makeup I may need two – not just one. AAAH. I am possibly over thinking this; as you should just get one and get on with it but I am still not sure yet as I haven’t taken the plunge and got myself one, yet.

Local South African online store 27pinkx (pronounced 27 Pinks) has been promoting their sales for these beauties and they range from R350 per draw to the actual cube like storage boxes with draws from R1,200 to R1,800 including free delivery. To view their entire offering, check it out here.


You can find 27pinkx at their website, on Facebook, Twitter @27pinkx and on Instagram @27pinkx

Have you got yourself a gorgeous acrylic makeup organiser or do you display and store your makeup differently – please let me know!

x flea143

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