The Best Period Advert… Ever.

Puberty, phew! I’m so glad that’s over. It had to be the worst thing about entering your teen years.

Growing up the worst thing before starting your period was that you knew it could start any day but you just didn’t know when. Speaking from experience of attending an all girls school it was notably always more awkward for the girls that got it first and then secondly for the girls that got it last…. helloflothesecond_LargeWide

Most period-related product adverts normally make me cringe, I mean – who has a “happy” period? Who wants to wear white pants when they’re on? What is the point of advertising sanitary pads and tampons – who is not buying these things??? As always, then you stumble across a gem of an advert which makes you laugh incredibly hard and I only believe its fair that we all get a chance to watch this and find the funny side to the starting of a period especially as grown ups we can laugh – possibly not that funny if its yet to happen to you as a pre-teen or teenager.


x flea143

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