Bottled Yoga… Bottled Bliss

So since this year I’ve embarked on my personal challenge of living a better healthier, happier life in every sense this has included in the regime something I am not very good at. Exercise. I am persisting and trying very hard but it still is begrudgingly because I have to and certainly not because I want to – side note: you gym bunnies/exercise gurus tire me out when I read about how excited you are to go and work out! Apart from walking frequently, along with some high intensity cardio training at home I have also been attempting to do some very basic DIY yoga at home. This yoga has also been a by-product of a bit of help and advice from my mother who has been doing yoga for more than 10 years when she is visiting teaching me. Needless to say I am horrible and can I just state for the record – its REALLY hard!

The fun fresh and energetic skincare brand Mio, meaning “for me” which has grown from the Mamma Mio Skincare brand which is specifically for pregnant ladies; have some wonderful products on the market for those of us who are not pregnant but who want the healthiest skin possible in order to face all the stresses that we put our skin through on a daily basis and Mio has spoilt me rotten by giving me their amazing Liquid Yoga bath soak to try out. This yoga in liquid form is far more refreshing and rewarding than me falling over in heap while trying to do yoga on a mat. MIO

Mio as a brand are all about skin that is fit; and that fit skin is healthy skin and Mio’s mission is to give you, the consumer, “Fit Skin for Life“.


First, confession time I have not bathed at home in over 2 years! I have had the odd bath at hotels because they look so lush but at home I’m a shower girl as its also 10 times easier to wash your hair and its quicker because, lets face it – who has time to actually bath anymore?

After quite a day on Tuesday and not having had slept properly in 3 nights I was absolutely shattered to say the least and after receiving this product on Friday after smelling it I had been dying to get myself into the bath and see what all the fuss was about. Oh my word – it was the most relaxing 30 – 45 minutes (I lost count) of my life, once I stepped out of the bath I was ready to go to bed and not speak to anyone for a good 10 hours or so and Eskom agreed as the power went out. Good timing Eskom!

Mio Liquid Yoga is far more pleasant than my every-other day attempt of none-bottled yoga which I would imagine to watch would be quite amusing to watch! MIO LIQUID YOGA

Liquid Yoga is simply a product which silently whispers serenity, peace and calm. It is bottled in a gorgeous solid glass bottle that contains 200ml of bath soak, using only one “glug” per bath or a cap full I would imagine you could easily get a minimum of 10 baths per bottle of liquid yoga. The product is a non-foaming which initially surprised me but upon reading more about Mio and their skin care philosophies they have a wonderful policy which they call the “No Nasties” which means that they are not only passionate about what ingredients that they put into their products but also what ingredients are left out; and that is something to help to sit back relax and enjoy the liquid yoga.

When soaking in the tub with the most ostentatious bath soak I’ve ever come across, I felt my stiff muscles relax especially my tense shoulders. The product has also managed to make my house smell absolutely divine for the past few days and I simply cannot wait to have another Liquid Yoga indulgence again. Thank you Mio!!!

The bottle advises: “Warning: Liquid Yoga may cause relaxation and happiness” but there is really no may about it. It does cause relaxation and happiness and it has totally converted me to bathing for relaxation. I think I might just be hooked.

Liquid Yoga is available at selected salons and retails for R550 for 200ml. Well worth the investment and perfect to wind down after a long week. Guess what I’m doing later! 😉

x flea143

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for review purposes -this has in no way altered my view of the product in anyway.



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