Bridesmaid Bummer

FYI: This post is sort of not safe for work unless if looking at backsides all day is acceptable and/or not really frowned upon. You never know, but just a friendly warning. BUM2

If you’re getting married in the foreseeable future, have you chosen your bridesmaids yet? Be sure to choose wisely, there are a couple considerations to take into account who are your closest female friends who would be willing to help you hold your dress when you need to pee, who will let you be a diva when necessary but who will kick you back into place when you’re being unnecessarily diva-like and most importantly who can drop it like its hot and squats until their bum is rock hard. You may think I’ve lost the plot, but you see if you spend as much time as me on the internet you will see that left, right and centre everyone is sharing this new trend of the bridesmaids (and sometimes the bride) hiking their dresses up for a “fun” shot in a Charlie’s Angels-esque posed photograph. BUM3BUM4BUM 1

The bride can join too - just so she doesn't feel left out!!

The bride can join too – just so she doesn’t feel left out!!

Is this really fun and cute or is it cheap and classless? I would presume who ever thought it was funny and did it for the first time was legitimately funny and then Pinterest got hold of it and now everyone is doing it. Guys, really, has the internet become highschool? With planking, #Neknomination, #YOLO and now bridesmaids flashing, yikes, I wonder about us humans and our sheep-like mentality to follow the crowd. I am almost willing to bet the next one up for the bridesmaids showing their undies is gonna be them mooning – just you watch.

oh wait... looks like they already did moon....

oh wait… looks like they already did moon….

What do you think of this? Am I a prude?

x flea143


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2 responses to “Bridesmaid Bummer

  1. Nee man. It can be very cute and fun… if done in the right way. Not like the last one!

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