PreCleanse Perfection

dermalogica-precleanseDermalogica is a staple in my skincare routine. From when I first started using them in my teenage years I have battled to find another product that just works for me as well as they do because of this, when writing about them I fear that I come across as though I am being paid to because I can never find anything wrong or anything I don’t like about the products. Dermalogica has been a part of me growing into the person who I am today and as my skin needs have changed over the years their products have always helped and assisted me to achieve the best skin possible.

At one of the Bloggers Who Bless or #BWB meetings, one of the goodies we received was a Dermalogica PreCleanse sample size in the wonderful Dermalogica “THIS not a beauty bag, this is an investment in your skin” campaign bag. Firstly, a lot of people that I have spoken to about PreCleanse have a little giggle at the thought, and I must be honest it does sound a bit redundant – lets wash your face before we was your face. Sounding like this could not be further from the truth as it is a necessity in my skincare at leas use PreCleanse even after a long day especially to remove stubborn makeup….

I start by pouring about a 50cents size amount into clean, dry hands, rub them together and gently massage in circular motions on my face. The PreCleanse is a unique formula as it is an oil. Do not freak out like most people do and think WHY WOULD I WANT TO RUB OIL ONTO MY FACE?? Well, this is simple, the specially formulated oil attracts all the excess oils and sebum present on top of your skin and stick them together. The PreCleanse specially formulated oil is water soluble (unlike oil in general which is hydrophobic) and once rinsed removes the PreCleanse and all the excess oils which have mixed together leaving you with stripped clean skin waiting for a real and proper cleanse. Using PreCleanse prepares the skin for a deeper cleanse resulting in your toner and moisturiser being able to penetrate the skin more effectively.PreCleanse

I experiment with crazy, wild makeup on my face often and I just have to state for the record that its the number one, best, most efficient makeup remover I have ever used in my entire life. Every single trace of eye shadow, glitter, waterproof mascara just melts when you apply the PreCleanse to your face. Like magic it disappears once rinsed. Not only does it help with removing makeup – after exercising or even walking on the beach it helps remove the excess build up on your skin of sweat, salt and all that yucky stuff  which in turn enables you to cleanse your skin thoroughly with the cleanser of your choice.

The problem with using PreCleanse for the first time (for me it was many moons ago) is that you realise that your skin has never actually been this clean before and then you are almost ruined and it is added onto Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs right at the bottom before Physiological!

The new altered version of Maslow's Hierachy of Needs thanks to Dermalogica :)

The new altered version of Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs thanks to Dermalogica 🙂

PreCleanse is available at Dermalogica stocked salons nationally and retails for R520 for 150ml.

Check out Dermalogica’s website, Facebook and Follow them on Twitter @dermalogicasa

x flea143

Disclaimer: A sample size of this product was given to at an event in a goodie-bag and this has in no way altered my view of the product in anyway. I have had prior experiences with this product and all views are my own.

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