Hey there gorgeous.

Recently I went to a dear friends wedding. So I thought I would show you show you how I did my makeup.

So many makeup artists say you should have one focal point on your face. And generally they’re right. But there is one look where you could pull off strong eyes and strong lips. And that’s when using Red lips.

This is how I do it…



First, it’s all about contouring and highlighting and of course blending it all properly.


Then I add a shimmery highlighting eyeshadow in the corner of my inner eyes and on the brow bone. After that I apply black eyeliner and set it with black eyeshadow on my lower lash line.


I then added a darker shade of eyeshadow on my outer eyelid and blending it to the crease. Giving it a slightly smokey effect. After which I add eyeliner with a tapered brush and an eyeliner paint pot. Of course I shape my brows. Brows are the frame of the face, the face is the picture. So I always shape my brows. As thick, as thin as I want.

I then finished off with falsies and the famous Rubywoo MAC red lipstick!!!





In a nutshell, I used KRYOLAN foundations, INGLOT eyeshadows and of course Rubywoo lipstick.

I love wearing this look when going out. It’s strong, yet feminine. πŸ’‹

Have a fabYOUlous day!!!

MuchLuv, BeBlessed


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8 responses to “#RUBYWOO, HOW ARE YOU! πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’‹

  1. Reblogged this on Sandylash and commented:

    Rubywoo lips!

  2. You look gorgeously amazing..love the look. I am an addict of Rubywoo… and that dress you are wearing is stunning. !!!!

    Long time no hear from. Good to see you are doing well!!

    Peace and love

    • Hey DEEEEEEE! How are you? I’ve been so terribly busy since being married.. It’s always cooking, cleaning, running after the dogs etc.
      I hardly have time to blog, which i dislike… I will have to get back on track.

      Thanks a lot for the compliment! Never thought red lips suited me until ruby woo.

      Hope you’re well! I love my dress too.

      lots of hugs!

  3. So happy to see you embracing the red lips… Rubywoo is an awesome shade but Lady Danger is my favourite from MAC πŸ™‚

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