Oh Mio!!

I was spoilt recently at the ever so sophisticated and chic Langaro Wellness Centre in Camps Bay with a Mio high intensity body treatment, a cellulite smoothing treatment to be precise….Langaro

What was promised for the Shrink to Fit what I experienced:

“Deep tissue and lymphatic Mio massage to lift, tighten and tone your hips and thighs, reducing saddlebags and dimpling. Powerful actives stimulate circulation, removing toxins, tightening up spongy skin, leaving smooth, firm, fitter looking legs and a perter tigher butt.”

mioYes, maybe like you reading this, I rolled my eyes a bit when I read that too, but having had such a great experience with the Mio Liquid Yoga Bath Soak, I thought to myself for a well established brand, Mio to make such claims there has to be something to it, right? Also, could they live up to simply how amazing their divine Liquid Yoga was? Well, plainly, the answer is yes. Its not everyday you have such sharp focus on your thighs at a salon or spa environment, or ever really…. but they certainly make your thighs and butt work hard. This treatment is just like squatting but, for lazy people!

Mio Shrink to Fit Treatment

To being with you start off by getting undressed and donning a sexy disposable G-string and lying face down onto a gorgeous spa bed. Once you are comfortable and cocooned in towels and blankets to keep you warm, one thigh and bum cheek exposed the therapist starts by buffing your thighs and bum with an extremely active scrub which contains glycolic acid (this is for professional use only) in order to stimulate the cellulite cells and promote circulation in the thigh/buttocks region, this product is so active you can feel it tingle on your skin and the active ingredients last on the skin for up to 12 hours after the treatment. This buff is followed by an application of  Mio Skin Tight Serum which is easily absorbed by the skin being that it is a serum, then some Shrink To Fit cream is buffed into the skin – both of which are at home treatment products which are recommended for on-going maintenance. The buff is probably the most unpleasant ‘rough’ part as it is rather rough and intensive, at times it could feel as though your bum was getting smacked but this is the simple process of waking your cellulite cells up or possibly even beating them awake as they are lazy little buggars! Both of these products, the Mio Skin Tight Serum and Mio Shrink to Fit are quickly absorbed into the freshly buffed and exfoliated skin due to all the excess dead skin having been removed by extensive buffing and the circulation going.  Then a salon use only masque which is filled with green algae is applied to the thighs and bum and left to work its magic, covered by a small plastic sheet and it works by drawing out toxins and even making the area sweat out all the baddies that are stored in the thigh/bum area. The mask felt like a clay consistency when applied and had an incredibly cool feeling, I did not feel the sweating even happen but my therapist assured me I had certainly been sweating. When the mask is removed, it comes off in one piece and leaves a very cooling sensation on the skin. Then for good measure another layer of Mio Skin Smoothing Serum is applied followed by another application of Mio Shrink to Fit. Then you lie on your back and the process is the repeated on the front of the thighs.

For the rest of the day my bum was tingling and had a cool sensation. It was a bizarre but pleasant feeling. It also left my bum as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The treatment is not what I would call a relaxing one as it is a high intensity treatment but it certainly a result driven treatment. It could even at times be a slight bit uncomfortable but try as they do, the therapists always try their upmost hardest to make you feel at home and when the mask is setting, a lovely foot rub and head massage certainly didn’t go a miss.

Following my treatment, I was advised to use the home use products of Mio Double Buff (enzyme exfoliator) (150ml R500), Mio Skin Tight Serum (100ml R780) and Mio Shrink to Fit (100ml R780) in the areas of the thigh/bum region in order to continue to see maximum results following my treatment and I am so excited to continue this routine and get the best bum I can.

Mio Double Buff

Mio Double Buff (R500)

Mio Shrink to Fit

Mio Shrink to Fit (R780)

Mio Skin Tight

Mio Skin Tight (R780)

mio-fit-skin-for-lifeMio as I have previously written about on my post about their wondrous Liquid Yoga, their philosophy is a simple one. Fit Skin for Life. This makes sense, to me as I assume it would to any other consumer but sometimes we need a kick-start or simply just a kick in the butt! We all know logically, we cannot have fit skin without having a fit body or a fit mind, Mio understands this and has designed these treatments in order to promote all round wellness and a bit of maintenance for the parts that we struggle with and where we have concerns regarding areas of their bodies where a good diet and regular exercise are simply not paying off.

They offer a range of treatments and the one I experienced was called Shrink to Fit, but they also offer the Get Waisted which is a tummy sculpting treatment and an Upper Body and Arm treament which is to contour, they offer a Full Monty which combines all 3 which are promised to give a visable lasting difference of lifting, tightening, sculpting, increasing firmness and smoothness in all trouble areas. True to their promise of No Nasties, the Mio spa treatments like the Mio retail products contain No Nasties, so you can be sure that your beauty routine will continue to be free from parabens, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, colourants, xenoestrogens, PEGs and phthalates.

A huge thank you to Langaro and Mio for such an exceptional spoil – me and my bottom are eternally grateful!

Mio Treatments are offered at selected salons nationwide, Mio Products are available at selected spas and salons and Wellness Warehouses, if you are looking for a stockist near you contact Poise Brands and they will direct you to the right place.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This treatment was given to me for review purposes. This has in no way altered my view of the products and/or treatments in anyway.



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