Makeup and Make Better

Oxygenetix has been a buzzword in my life lately, telling all of my makeup clients, HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS FOUNDATION?


Now, I am asking you, reading this, have you heard about this foundation? I was introduced to this foundation immediately after having my first ever chemical peel. They applied it to my face and VOILA, slight redness POOF – hidden… Fast forward to having my second peel done and I got my paws on an entire bottle of Oxygenetix in ‘Pearl’, because my skin art paler than any vampire you have come across!  I’ve been using it almost everyday since. Its not just for post-surgical/peel use, however it is endorsed by a number of physicians for this, you can use it everyday to improve your skin tone. The magic lies in that it is a gel-based oxygenating foundation formulation which was made exclusively for physicians and professionals alike.

Oxygenetix Looks

Application is simple, use clean fingers – 1 pump is enough for a light coverage, 2 pumps for a heavier coverage. It blends easily into the skin. There is not really a scent to it but it does initially give you a dewy glow upon being applied to the face. Its awesome because its makeup but its a skin treatment in making your skin better in the long run, unlike a lot of different cosmetics which prohibit the skin to ‘breathe’ as it would without being caked in product, the Oxygenetix helps the skin to ‘breathe’ and anything that is breathing lives longer than things that are not.

I am absolutely in love with this foundation.

The foundation retails for R800 and for information on a stockist near you, please contact Conquest.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for review purposes and has in no way altered my view of the product in anyway.


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