Candle Revolution

Soy LitesAbout 6 months ago at an event I got given a different product to the normal what I usually recieve. This product was a candle, but to be specific, it was a Soy Lites candle. It has taken me so long to get round to using it because I must be honest I was a bit sceptical about using it. It was something out of the ordinary for me and what I normally do (which is rarely use any sort of body lotions apart from in the cold winter months) and with me going away soon on an overseas adventure to where it is definitely going to be the midst of summer and skin will be on show, I decided to take the plunge and actually try this revolutionary candle out.

Essentially, it is as simple as it sounds, a candle which is made from 100% soy oil and oure essential oils. The only thing is that the candle has skin moisturising benefits – you heard me right, a candle which moisturises your skin but it does not do this via osmosis in the air. Upon the candle burning the Soy Lites produce a pool of soft, warm, creamy oil, which while the candle is still burning you can pour from the glass container slowly into your hand and then apply all over your body slowly massaging it into your skin. It is not boiling hot as one would expect, it is just a perfect temperature. This oil is not overly greasy or waxy in texture, it is really smooth and is the ideal temperature for a massage or even to be used a daily moisturiser (which I believe might be too much fuss for me but I know some people love lavishing stuff onto themselves after bathing/showering).

Soy Lites are nauturally rich in Vitamin E and lecithin which is said to be of therpeutic benefit for those with cracked and dry skin or eczema or psoriasis.Soy Lites - How To

The Soy Lites candle which I have been using was the Harmony moisturing range which has essences of Rose, Geranium and Jasmine which smells absolutely divine but there is another 7 moisturising ranges using all different concoctions of different essential oils for everyone’s personal taste. I think the next one I will try will have to be the Decadence Moisturising range as it has my 2 favourite essential oils which are Vanilla and Ylang Ylang.

The candles retail on the Soy Lites website for R145.00 each and I have recently seem them for sale in Stuttafords and various pop up kiosks in shopping malls and I believe are a unique present and a gorgeous idea for bridal shower gift as it has a touch of hidden sexy without being over the top.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This product was given to me as a gift at an event I attended late last year, this has in no way altered my view of this product in anyway.

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