Flutter those Lashes with MD Lash

A while ago, I was introduced to the revolutionary lash growth serum from MD Lash.

MD LASH FACTORBefore embarking a long holiday and an extended time-away from home I religiously used this product for 6 weeks, I did not take it away with me because I thought I wouldn’t have time/remember to put it on every night and I actually regretted it because I had ample time and spent a lot of time on skincare and quick swoop of this stuff takes less than a minute, but anyway, I’m back on the MD bandwagon now that I am home. Simply, every evening after cleansing my face, one swoop of product to the upper eyelid like eye liner and went to sleep and let MD work its magic.

Since MD Lash contains active ingredients which stimulate the growth of your lashes, the product sometimes tingled on my upper lid. For the most part, it didn’t BUT occasionally when my eyes were more sensitive than normal, I would feel the product working. It was not unpleasant, but you can feel it doing something. From starting using MD Lash I managed to monitor my lash growth progress weekly for the initial THREE weeks and these are my results….

A little bit of background on me and eyelash history – I have never really been worried about my lash length or thickness. I think that fortunately being dark naturally and a fair length (not long, not short, just fine) I’ve always managed to fake the lash I want with the correct mascara and not to mention I am huge strip false lash fan…. I was a drag life in a previous life, I am sure.

Week one – I don’t think I noticed a difference at all. Week two – I don’t think I noted a difference. Week three – I was putting my mascara on one morning and nearly jumped out of my skin with excitement because I had a whole lot of lash to coat lavishly in mascara! See my BAZINGA moment below… I could certainly see a difference in length and I was seriously impressed. I am not sure since then if from then they have grown longer, but they certainly feel a lot thicker and fuller.


The best thing about being able to document my first three weeks was that the difference between week 1 and 2 was gradual, as you can see above and it was also a gradual transition from week 2 to week 3, however, look at the difference from week 1 to week 3 and you can definitely see a big difference.

This was my very own bazinga moment when applying mascara sometime after week 2 and I thought to myself, damn my lashes are looking good. Thanks MD Lash for letting me actually appreciate them!

This was my very own bazinga moment when applying mascara sometime after week 2 and I thought to myself, damn my lashes are looking good. Thanks MD Lash for letting me actually appreciate the frames of my eyes 🙂

I have recommended this product to a family friend who has undergone chemo and lost all her hair, she is in the process of getting her hands on some MD Lash of her own and I’m excited to see hear about her progress!

MD Lash is available at selected clinics and salons nationally and retails for 3 months supply R900 or 6 months supply for R1,400. For more information or a salon closest to you contact Conquest for more information.

x flea143

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