Curling Hair for Dummies

Remember the series of books [insert subject matter here] for Dummies? Well, the solution to curling hair has been brought to us by BABYLISS. No more weird and wonky curls courtesy of your straightener or burning your hands on curling wands or curling irons or getting hair stuck in rollers. One machine will fix all of that.

This year I have had a new toy to play with when it comes to dressing up. I have been happily using, the Babyliss PRO Mira Curl Iron, which I was first shown by my wonderful hairdresser and he told me I had to get my paws on it before embarking on a holiday to the UK. Long story short, when I got to the UK they were completely sold out and I was sad… until I got given one as a gift a few months later.

What is the Mira Curl Iron, you ask?

It is the professional perfect curling machine.

Curl Secret

This is how it works…

When showing people my curly hair, which is completely out of hair-character for me, they all want to know how I achieve curls that actually stay in my dead straight hair. This is my secret and up until recently, I thought it would be an expensive one. I am not sure as I didn’t purchase it but I believe they sell in the region of R2,500.

Babyliss, released a home use version which is far more affordable at about half the price of the Mira Curl machine. This home-use machine is called the Babyliss Curl Secret, and encompasses the majority of what I believe to be the important features of the Mira Curl which is perfect for home use. The price for the Curl Secret is R1,499.00 and is available exclusively at selected Clicks stores.

What is the Curl Secret, you ask?

It is the personal perfect curling machines.

Curl Secret

This is how it works…

Both of these machines have been many years in production to make attaining the perfect curl achievable for even the most hair-style-skilled individuals. They both have a built in mechanism which eliminates hair becoming stuck within the chamber and it really works. I have been petrified many times when using my MiraCurl that my hair will be stuck in the machine forever, but just releasing the grip automatically drops all hair. It is like magic as that drop contains a perfect curl. Further to this they both have a built in additional safety feature of motion control which makes the machines switch off automatically and go into sleep mode, if they are accidently left on. No burnt counter tops or house fires like those when a hair straightener is left on by accident!

The difference between MiraCurl and the Curl Secret?

The MiraCurl, being the professional machine has a few added features that the Curl Secret does not. They are minimal, but in the grand scheme of doing lots of heads of hair they do count. For example there is an instant heat up of the MiraCurl, whereas the Curl Secret has a 30 second delay. The MiraCurl also has 4 timer settings and there is greater curl control where curls can fall in 3 directions, where the Curl Secret only has 3 timer settings and curls can only fall in one direction.

I foresee a great trend of the MiraCurl being the most sought-after hair tool this time for Christmas presents this year.

xo flea143

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