Radiant Skin

What do you think makes your skin radiant when applying a face of makeup? For me personally this changes a lot…. right now, I think its my powder and how I have been applying it.

There are numerous techniques that I use to achieve a flawless, radiant skin but since my skin has been playing along with me recently. It is actually behaving you guys! When applying my face in the morning I always apply a primer. Recently, I have been using the MUD Primer, followed by my Oxygenetix Foundation and a layer of Skin Mineralise powder from MAC. Nothing out of the ordinary but I have been enjoying a minimal skin routine which results in a medium coverage – my favourite….. When I feel like my skin really pops out and makes a statement of “glow” or “look at me“, recently is when applying my powder.

I have been using a new brush (I always get excited when using a new brush) from Burst Studio, specifically the FD 05 Stipple Foundation Brush, and although its a foundation brush, I use it to put powder on. Rebellious, I know…. Using the synthetic bristles on the brush to pick up the compact powder and swooping in circular motions on the foundation leaves the skin with a pretty glow. The brush retails for R227 from Burst Studio online.


I finish off with eyes, powder contouring of the face and a swoop of lippie and et voila – ready to FACE the day. I only own this one Burst Studio brush and I seriously cannot wait to get my paws on more when its time for a brush upgrade. I have only heard good things about the entire range of brushes and have nothing but praise for this wonderful synthetic foundation brush (which I have yet to try and use for foundation yet). I believe this rivals some of the top brands brushes and the price range is really affordable.

x flea143

Disclaimer: This brush was a gift from an event I attended at the beginning of the year. This has in no way altered my view of the brush or company in anyway.

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5 responses to “Radiant Skin

  1. Gosh. Your skin does look gorgeous!

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