Murphy’s Law to Eco Friendly Fabulous Hair

A week ago, I visited my wonderful hairstylist, Terry from Capelli in Blouberg. He has just started stocking a new brand called Kevin Murphy, and he is currently one of the only salons who are stocking this brand. I asked him, what is so special about it? He gave me a long detailed technical explanation but I am not hair expert, if you want it – go ask for him. The gist of it I got and understood and I’ll explain it as best as I can below.


Well to begin with Kevin Murphy is a luxury hair care brand hailing from the shores of Australia who produce hair products which are 100% ecologically sound, 100% cruelty free and 100% guaranteed for results. Kevin Murphy range of products stem from the same philosophy as skin care but for your hair. All the products are weightless on your hair and made to show results in delivering performance, strength and longevity. As such due diligence is taken in delivering such a quality product using only natural eco-friendly sourced ingredients through  micro cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically sound wild harvesting techniques there is absolutely no sulphates, and no parabens present in the products. Resulting in a greener approach and more healthy approach for your hair care.


The Kevin Murphy range covers Styling, Washes, Rinses, Treatments and Styling Products. All of which will be suited to your own specific hair care need. Before curling my hair, Terry used their Full Again thickening styling agent, which with just  a rough finger blow dry gave my hair incredible volume.

This was my hair after the curls. Big hair means I can keep a lot more secrets….

Kevin Murphy’s range incorporates the brands identity down to very packaging of the products. All the packaging (with the exception of the aerosols sprays) are completely bio-degradable and are designed in such shape that they take up minimal space for packaging in order to reduce waste.

Love Kevin Murphy

Making wise choices about investing in companies that invest in the better of the planet for our future is a crucial factor in becoming the change we are all striving for, in order to reap the benefits of a better planet.

if you are looking to try some product and forever change your hair, visit any of the stylists at Capelli.

XO Flea

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