Unique Gifts from Love Milo

Soon, as we have welcomed the month of November, we all need to start thinking about gifts for the festive season. It can truly be such a stressful period making sure you get everyone that perfect something. I am incredibly relieved to have discovered the wonderful products from Love Milo for a lot of the special ladies in my life. I am a huge fan of giving people tea pots, mugs and cute kitchenware. I am completely besotted with Love Milo and their unique cute pieces in their ceramics range.

Love Milo was founded by Nicki Ellis in January 2013, and is a proudly Cape Town based brand. Nicki fell pregnant with her son Milo in 2012 and she was inspired by motherhood to create even more beautiful things and thus the contemporary brand, Love Milo was born.

“I started getting all sorts of ideas about new things I wanted to do and create. I felt as if he was the catalyst for my newfound passion and artistry. I thought it only fitting to name the company after him.”

Here are some of my favourites that I think might feature on my Christmas gifting this year…




Set of 2 Mugs



Cappuccino cup and saucer




Be sure to check out the entire range Love Milo has on offer at their website and follow them on Facebook.

xo flea143



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2 responses to “Unique Gifts from Love Milo

  1. I love Love Milo! Definitely a fantastic present!

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