Guest Contribution : Foods for Fit and Fab Health

Have you for long craved a good health? Are you always at the doctor’s because your body is a frequent target of diseases? Well, there is a big possibility you have not been that careful on the choices of foods you make as part of your daily diet. The poor health that has kept you agonizing for a long time could become a long-gone memory if you put the following foods in your shopping list every time you hit the supermarket.


Apples can be quite expensive compared to other fruits but they are among the most important pieces you missed in your daily meal. Apples fight signs of ageing by providing anti-oxidants to your body. The antioxidants found in apples are known as polyphenols and are thought to increase lifespan.


One of the biggest sources of protein in the world is fish. Salt-water fish, to be specific, are the most consumed and are arguably the healthiest. Overfishing has really had an effect on the availability of fish lately, but you can still afford to obtain one once or twice a week. The best thing about fish is that, unlike cattle, they do not eat foods raised with chemicals and fertilizers.


Mushrooms are rich in iron and proteins. They are also important in raising the immune system of your body and defend it from infections. Mushrooms have also been found to be able to fight some diseases such as breast cancer and are also becoming very important in the manufacture of medicines. Be aware of poisonous mushrooms though.


Apart from giving your teeth exercise in chewing, coconuts provide carbohydrates and fats. The mention of fats really scares some people but in case you did not know, lack of fats heavily contributes to emergence of skin conditions characterized by dryness. Frequent consumption of coconuts could protect you from heart diseases according to research. Coconut oil also provides lauric acid to your body which ensures a good defense against bacterial infections.


Blue berries contain antioxidants and natural plant chemicals known as phytonutrients. Phytonutrients generally help us prevent invasion of diseases and maintain body in good, normal condition. Blueberries have also been found to be important in fighting obesity. They also reduce the risk of suffering cognitive decline in elderly people.


According to researchers contraction of diabetes type 2 could be curbed by ensuring leafy greens such as kales, cabbages and spinach are in one’s daily diet. Spinach, for instance, is a very good source of antioxidants when uncooked or lightly boiled.


Sweet potatoes contain carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin C and carbohydrates. A research in the USA shows that sweet potatoes rank highest nutritionally when calcium, proteins, vitamins A and C, iron and complex carbohydrates are considered.


Bananas are thought to be the fruits with the highest amount of potassium but avocados actually have more. They also contain vitamins K, E and B. Moreover, avocados contain a very high percentage of fiber in them therefore preventing constipation. They also help in reducing the level of blood cholesterol.

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Kacie Jones is a professional content writer and blogger from UK who shares her travel experiences. Her hobbies include travelling, trekking, Tech, Health, and cooking and she is currently working on a project nhs ehic which provides health insurance service.

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