Guest Contribution : Hey Gorgeous Calorie Free Super Sweet Cupcake Bath Bomb

When Fi sent me this to try out, my initial thoughts were definitely WOW! How is it possible to capture so many senses into something so small?CUPCAKE - POUT PERFECTION

Well as it turns out it is quite possible. When taking a first glance it looks like a yummy cupcake anyone would want to dive into and take a bite of. The only giveaway that it is not is the weight and the consistency.

It is a  bath bomb. If you are a bath taker like me, then you are probably familiar with bath bombs. Not only are they created to look pretty and smell nice and add a bit of fun to your bath water, but they also soften your water, moisturize your skin, soothe tired muscles and help you relax.20141220_174757

Hey Gorgeous uses all natural ingredients in their products and the cupcake bombs  are made with Epsom, Bicarb, Khoisan salts, Citric Acid, jojoba and essential oils. This product is 100% pure, natural and chemical free.

It is quite easy to use as well. You peel off the paper wrapping, break off a piece (or use the whole one) and pop it into your bath water. Easy as cake! The cupcake fizz gently while it dissolves. The water smells amazing and while you are having a wonderfully aromatic bath, the salts also do their job. My skin was so soft when I had finished my bath.

There is no specific target audience for this product as anyone can use this, from young to old, I mean who does not want to escape into relaxation and have a little bit of fun while doing it?

You can purchase these online at and they retails for R90-00 a pop.

 About the author, Leandra Bothma of a Total Loss For Words IMG_20317206100256-2

I am a  32 year old wife, mother, daughter and breast cancer survivor. I am obsessed with beauty and books and if I can smell it, use it, taste it, read it or eat it then I will most probably write about it if it strikes my fancy!

You can follow Leandra on Twitter @atalossforword

 Disclaimer: This product was given to the author for review purposes. This has in no way altered the view of the product in anyway.

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